5 Best Small Business ideas in the Philippines

If you are looking for small business ideas to start your own business in the Republic of the Philippines, here are the five best business ideas you can choose from.

1. Sagada weaving bags

In the Philippines, the typical tourist always encounters that “I love the Philippines” shirt and other gift items, whenever they visit a souvenir shop anywhere in the Philippines.

However, when it comes to visiting the mountainous regions of the “Pearl of the Orient” – it’s best to get yourself a Sagada Weaving bag. The bags have different designs and patterns that showcase the native Igorot culture of the cordilleras that all highlanders are proud to speak of any chance they get.

Tourists often enjoy the incredible durability these “loom-made” bags possess as the traditional patterns intrigue anyone’s interest with their countless “rivers, mountains and rice paddies” strewn all over in traditional Igorot colors.

2. Banana Catsup

Wherever you go, ketchup is an essential condiment when it comes to flavoring your hotdog, hamburgers or even steaks. However, in the Philippines, more than one flavor dominates the “ketchup field”.

For example, banana ketchup – an innovative condiment that is both tangy and sweet at the same time. The secret to this amazing combination of a spicy and sweet mix is thanks to using bananas as the base.

3. Squash ketchup

Though much is harder to find than the banana ketchup condiment, Squash ketchup does exist for those with a curious palate and the strong courage to taste ketchup made from a vegetable.

It goes with all types of dishes and what makes it a big delight is it is a mysterious treat that is enjoyed only when found.

4. Handicraft Furniture and Accessories

Tired of the same old furniture you usually find in malls and furniture stores? Why not try your luck at and let the wild and imaginative Filipino mind fill your home with wooden sculpted wonders with the incredible detail and comfort all wrapped up in one.

It has been a Filipino pastime to carve pieces of furniture with the durable Narra wood. Accessories and other items are crafted as well since wood is the most malleable hard material in the world, making the creations endless and surprising every time wood is carved by Filipino hands.

5. The Jeepney Business

The Jeepney is an affordable transportation vehicle through which many, if not most Filipinos commute with on a daily basis to all sorts of destinations.



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