6 Best Ways to Market your Salon Business

These days, there are many techniques and strategies you can use to promote your salon and get more customers in the door. Making Instagram and Facebook profiles, starting a blog for your salon, building a website – all these are great ways to get the word out on your salon and its services.

But the best way to ensure that you can promote your salon to the highest number of people possible is to use both online and offline marketing techniques. Yes, offline marketing strategies are still considered effective at drawing customers in and encouraging repeat business.

Make sure you have a well-rounded marketing plan by incorporating these offline techniques in your marketing efforts, too.

Team up with local businesses

There’s nothing like teamwork to ensure success, right? Look around in your area for businesses you can team up with, like gyms or clothing stores. Ask the owners to keep some of your salon’s flyers and business cards in their premises, and, in turn, let them do the same at your salon. Come up with a cross-promotional marketing strategy, like a makeover with new clothes from the boutique and a new haircut or a 60-minute full-body massage after workouts at the gym.

This not only ensures added customers for your salon and the businesses you team up with but also fosters good relationships between you and other business owners in your area.

Make sure your marketing materials have clear calls-to-action

Every flyer and business card you hand out should have a clear call-to-action. The same goes for your website, online listing, social media profiles, and ads. Any material you use for promoting your salon should have a call-to-action, like ‘call for a free consultation’ or ‘drop by for a free makeup sample’. Small offers such as these make your salon stand out from the competition and ensure that people do more with your flyer or business card than just keep it in their bags and forget about it.

Run a contest or raffle

Sometimes, nothing works better for business promotion than a contest or a raffle. A contest, raffle, or competition for free services or products is a great way to expand your customer base and encourage loyalty among your current customers.

You can easily distribute tickets and collect stubs offline, but you can also incorporate this into your online marketing strategies. Get more raffle entries by encouraging your followers to share your contest to their friends and followers, and make sure your followers do that by offering incentives of discounts or additional raffle entries. You can also use the email addresses from submissions for re-marketing down the line.

Maximise word-of-mouth marketing

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of word-of-mouth marketing at broadening your customer base. Encourage existing customers to bring their friends in and offer incentives if they do. Referral discounts and free services make for great incentives for spreading the word about your salon.

This not only attracts more customers for your salon but also keeps your current customers happy. The referral process practically never stops, and, before you know it, your salon will be providing products and services to new people each week. Just make sure your salon can properly handle all the additional business you’ll be getting.

Try out SMS marketing

Collect the mobile phone numbers of your customers as they come in and tell them you’ll use the numbers only for sending special offers and not for sending spam. Texting is simple and effective as a marketing strategy; it helps you send coupons and other promo-related information right to your customers’ mobile phones.

You can even tie this with your word-of-mouth marketing campaign by sending your customers coupons they can use with their friends.

Participate in trade shows and expos

Get the word out on your salon by participating in events where you’ll find customers for your services and products, like at local trade shows and expos. Wedding expos and trade shows are particularly great for salons, as there is no shortage of brides looking for stylists and makeup artists for their entourage. Make sure you bring a lot of product samples and photos of services you can offer. You can even have one or two of your stylists there to do quick sample hair and make-up services.

Rais Dar

Rais Dar is an Experienced Business Consultant

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