How to Start a Successful Appliance Repair Business

Appliance repair is a great business opportunity because it is inexpensive to begin as well as profitable. If you have a garage, workshop, or even a work truck, then you have low overhead to begin your business. Another incentive is the tools you need are not costly either. You can find used tools at flea markets, classifieds, or even garage sales. Larger tools can even be rented at first until you have the money to purchase them.

Required education

If the time has passed since you last repaired a machine, then you might want to sharpen your skills and increase your knowledge. You can begin doing this by enrolling in vocational courses or even online courses. You may want to purchase books on repairing machines. You can also receive home appliance repair training or even certification courses which could be completed in less than a year. Cultivate your skill to perform your tasks for your clients successfully.

Certain voluntary certification can be helpful. The National Appliance Service Technician Certification (NASTeC) requires technicians to pass a comprehensive examination that tests their competence in the diagnosis, repair, and maintenance of major home appliances.

The Professional Service Association (PSA) administers a similar certification based on skill competencies. If you can pass the PSA then you can earn the Master Certified Appliance Professional (MCAP) designation.


It may help you to discover your specialty. If you can find a niche and cater to one type of repair then it will help in advertising. If you have strong skills in repairing refrigerators and stoves, or washers and dryers then it may help in branding your repair. You may also take it one step further by becoming a certified professional with a certain brand name appliance. If you are interested in being certified you will need to contact the manufacturer to inquire about this possibility. People will come to know you for what type of repairs you perform.

Expanding your business

Once your business has become successful, you should consider expanding the appliance repair business. To obtain your goal, interview skilled professionals, ones you feel you can leave alone to do the work independently. Use the new hires skill in other areas to expand your services.'


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