Arun Nayar Biography

Arun Nayar is a British, Indian entrepreneur who is born to a businessman from Mumbai city and Gunnar, a lady who hails from Germany. Arun is the eldest son of Vinod Nayar and Gunnar. Arun chose to stay with his mother after his parents, who were then a very young couple, got divorced.


Arun, did his schooling in John Common School which is situated in Mumbai before he started on top class British Education.


The dual also founded Directions Software Solution which was a firm that dealt with computers. People often say that Arun earned a lot of money from this firm.

Personal Life

He was introduced to Valentina Pedroni in Milan, her home town, about 11 years ago. After seeing each other for 4 years they got married in Bombay, but just after some time disturbances started in their married life.

Pedroni was shattered when went to Milan and  saw pictures of Arun Nayar with Hurley. These pictures were of a fashion show which was held in January and here Arun was flirting with Hurley and holding her hands. 

Nayar has applied for divorce saying that Pedroni is separated and her does not live with him with the city court. Similarly Pedroni also plans to fight back. Before Nayar came into Hurley’s life she was associated with Steve Bing. Steve left her when she told him that she was expecting a baby.

According to her friends she is very happy now as she feels she has met the ultimate person of her life. The couple intend to get engaged after Arun is officially divorced.'


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