Top 10 Great B2B Business ideas for 2019

Perhaps the hectic efforts that are required to convince final consumers, high competition and many other reasons keep you back from launching a B2C business. If that is true in your case, then you might like to open a B2B business.

B2B, an abbreviation standing for the business to business, involves the exchange of products or services between business entities, leaving end users or final consumers out of the activity. For example, a wholesaler buying goods from a manufacturer for payment and then passing it on to retailers is actually following a B2B business model.

Here are the top 10 best small B2B business ideas and opportunities that you require very low startup costs:

1. Bookkeeping

Either due to a very low budget for giving a permanent space to a professional or inner resistance towards learning the skill, so many business owners contract out the work of financial data management. Hence, offering bookkeeping services to these fellow businessmen can be an excellent choice if you are a fan of maths.

2. Business consultant

People especially inexperienced ones need guidance whether in starting a new business or improving the performance of their already established businesses. If you are exposed to years of experience in a business field, you can provide learned lessons to those people who are in dire straits of launching a new startup or help in improving underperforming areas of existing businesses.

3. Food catering

Majority of companies that offer free food to their employees often see food preparation stressful and time consuming on their own. If as an experienced chef you don’t get vexed working for long hours, you can serve tasty food to companies by launching a catering business.

4. Computer repair

Banks, government departments often need support in taking their computers out of trouble. If you are proficient in fixing computer related problems, you can start a computer repair business.

5. Web Designing

It comes as no surprise that most companies already reserve professionals for creating and maintaining websites. Even then many can’t hire such employees permanently due to a limited budget. If you have skills to create and design websites, identify such companies and serve them web designing services.

6. E-commerce solutions 

Facilitating e-commerce solutions to brick and motor as well as to startup business owners is a thriving business opportunity for someone who is backed up with good e-commerce web designing, development, enterprise resource planning software, etc know-how in these days.

7. Event management

Managing event celebrations for local companies is another fruitful business opportunity in Toyoda’s B2B industry for a person who has good skills of planning, organizing, coordination, etc

8. Virtual Assistant

If you love enjoying administrative work, then one of the best B2B business you should consider starting is virtual assistant service which will help local companies to track their easily administrative activities without sacrificing high costs on hiring a full-time employee.

9. Content writer

With the skills of articulating high-quality content, one can initiate a web content service that would help e-commerce companies to engage better with their customers.

10. HR Consultancy

The perfect small business opportunity for someone who has some experience in human resource management. The task involves supplying manpower to a large number of companies out there.'


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