The 8 Best Business Ideas for Small Towns

Previously, the size of a geographical location used to determine the size of the market and the value of potential business. These days, the internet has broken through all geographical limits and allows people even from the most obscure town in the middle of the United States, to set up lucrative online enterprises that generate a full-time income. Here is a list of 8 small business ideas worth launching in small towns. 

1. Weight loss coach

This is a multibillion-dollar industry, but you can break into the market because of the massive potential for new clients. Millions of Americans are overweight and still a lot more are looking to lose a few pounds. Experienced dieticians, personal trainers, and health professionals can thrive in this business.

2. Website Review

There are billions of Web sites on the Internet waiting to get noticed. Most of them remain in the background because they aren’t fully optimized for people and for search engines. If you have a background in Internet marketing, you can start this business providing a comprehensive critique of your client’s Web site and perhaps even provide Web site development consultation.

3. Translation Services

English is no longer the only language of business. More companies are using the native languages of their target to ensure wider coverage. A translation services business has a lot of international potentials because most of it is done mainly for international purposes. As business goes well, you can also expand into bilingual copy-writing services.

4. Online Survey Services

Businesses are always looking for ways to find out how their markets think. You can provide contract-based services to create questionnaires based on a number of criteria provided by your clients and conduct automated polls. Business expansion takes time, but when you have established a name for yourself, you can easily delve into the enormously profitable market research industry.

5. Commercial Cleaners

The only investment you need to start your future cleaning empire is a few washcloths, a mop-and-bucket combo, some dusters, cleaning agents and several trash bags and you’re good to go. It’s easy to start small in this business, providing basic cleaning services around your neighborhood yourself and expanding into more extensive cleaning and hiring additional workers once the business starts to see some profit.

6. Custom Printed Materials

People like to see their names on their things. It’s a material preoccupation that allows them to believe they own more property. This is one of those profitable small businesses that can quickly grow into a multi-product company if you start it right, such as with small gift items such as mugs, key-chains, mouse pads and T-shirts. If you are knowledgeable in basic printing processes, you can do the printing yourself or you can choose to outsource it to a printing service. There are a lot of opportunities for expansion because businesses also have a demand for custom printed promotional materials.

7. Sign Makers

You don’t need to have a college degree to excel in this business; all you need are awesome graphics skills. There are so many kinds of signs and it’s important to choose one and start with it. For example, if your experience involves airbrushing and hand lettering, you might want to begin by painting banners, storefront signs or vehicle signs. If you’re skilled in woodcarving, then, by all means, seek to make a profit in carved signs. As the business grows, your natural talent will improve, allowing you to expand into other services, such as neon signs, magnetic signs and slate signs.

8. Tutorial Services

The key to making it big in this business is by specializing in a certain niche. There are already several tutorial services available, even on the Internet, but most of them focus on general subjects. That means there are subjects that aren’t given much attention to. If you have extensive knowledge in this one subject, you can set up a Web site to promote your tutoring services. Students can communicate with you via email, chat and phone chat and have their essays and other paperwork sent to you for you to critique and help improve.'


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