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The 7 Incredible Outdoor Business ideas

If, as an outdoor type of person, you are looking to start an outdoor related business, here are the top 7 best business ideas and opportunities that may suit your personality.

1. Landscape designer

If you have a talent for design and you enjoy working outdoors you may want to become a landscape designer. You can sell your plans to the do-it-yourself homeowner, or contract out the physical work of creating what you have designed.

2. Landscaper

Earn a living installing lawns, trees, flowers, and shrubs for homeowners and businesses. For marketing, you can place a sign at the job with your business name and phone number while you are working on the site, and for one week after the work is completed.

3. Lawn maintenance

You can offer mowing and edging once a week, and fertilizing once a month. Another avenue of income could be weeding the flowerbeds.

4. Installing ponds and waterfalls-

You could network with landscapers so that they could show their clients your work, and you give them a commission for every pond or waterfall sale they refer to you.

5. Building fences and/or decks

Have a portfolio of all the fence and deck styles you build. Install a small plate with your name and phone number onto the outside corner of the fence for referrals. You could also place a small business sign in the client’s yard for referrals.

6. Build sheds and/or playhouses

Build one for display at a model home or a home show. Or raffle one off at a public place that will allow lots of people to view your work. Other streams of income could include building indoor playhouses for children’s bedrooms or selling playhouse plans to do-it-yourselfers.

7. Planting gardens

Market your services to people that don’t have time to plant their own garden, but still want to grow fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. You could specialize in gardening in small spaces, using the layering technique (also called lasagna gardening).

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