The 21 Best Photography Business ideas

Until recently, the only alternative to making money with photography was working recording times anniversary parties, weddings, dances, and other family events, apart from a few corporate events coverage.

Currently, if we ask how to make money with photography, the result is a list of options that can be adopted by any professional in the area and most of them with an infinitely small investment compared to other options in the market.

Here are the 21 best niche photography business ideas and opportunities for you:

1. Traditional service model pictures

It does not mean that there are now other ways to make money with photography in the traditional manner of service of a professional photographer can be set aside as a business option. This is still a big business, primarily because the resources and facilities of today is the type of business that can be started from the comfort of home. The problem with this segment is usually saturated, mainly due to the variety of resources offered by digital technology. It is the type of segment that some professionals have already signed, which means increased competition and customer acquisition costs.

2. Baby Photography

Driven by the success of the Australian photographer Anne Gueddes babies, this is a very promising segment for those who want to make money with photos.

That mother or father does not want to see recorded forever the funniest moments of their children and sometimes creative photos humoradas well. It’s guaranteed success. The investment in this type of business, in addition to the preparation and technique, are accessories to mount the various scenarios that adorn babies. They are not as expensive, and with a good dose of imagination, you can buy those accessories and separate yourself from some professionals already working in this area. In this case, it is essential that you have a good website or web presence.

3. Pet Photography

This is another segment that has gained good momentum in various countries and if you want to know how to make money with photography and like animals, which is a basic condition to enter this industry, this might be a good business option for you. The model in some ways is similar to baby photos. Every owner puppy, cat and other pets love to have a good book of photos of their little companions. The investment in that business is not big as in the previous example, in addition to a good camera equipment, you should also buy some items accessories set the stage for photographing pets. That’s another business idea that can say it has no chance of failure.

4. Creating a website or blog about photography

That is one other good idea for anyone who wants to know how to make money with photography. You can create a blog about photography and earn very good money with affiliate programs and other forms of monetization. People both photography enthusiasts as curious in general love this kind of blog and it shows a good opportunity to make money doing it. The quickest way to monetize your blog is through Google AdSense, a program where Google Affiliate given desire for clicks on ads. You can also advertise products as cameras and other equipment, using other affiliate programs like Lomadee and others. In that case, you’ll earn a percentage of sales.

5. Photos for trade

One more suggestion for this business for those in search of how to make money with photos is to create a service of commercial photography. This is a sector that is growing much and administrators of virtual stores claim much of the lack of professionals to provide such specialized service. The photos in e-commerce play a key factor for the success of a business, and Therefore, managers of virtual stores showing increasing concern that detail in their stores. Riding these services is a good business idea and disclosure may be made ​​on specialized websites. As the sector is in high demand, this is an excellent opportunity.

6. Stock photos

Another good idea to make money with photography is becoming a photographers Stock, or create a large collection of photos of high quality, creativity, and art wrapped for sale in marketplaces photo as Fotolia, Shutterstock Bigstock and, that just to list some. The thing works as follows. These sites put your photos in their portfolio and each sale will generate a commission for you and another commission to its website. Just simple. Without having to administer the site, monitor payments or anything. If you want to know how to make money online with photography, this is one of the ways See also: Photos x Money Online

7. Photography Services with Drones

Another great idea for those who want to make money with photography is to embark on fashion drones and offer services photography and filming with these devices. It is a market that is growing rapidly everywhere, to the extent that companies discover the potential of this new technology. In that case, the investment is a little higher, because besides the photographic equipment will have to invest in the drone, but the good news is that the price of the equipment is falling fairly and practically virgin market (for now). Note that many of the options to make money in the segment of photography, they can be implemented at once, which will strengthen. further, your catalog and business options See: Drones for commercial use, the business where everyone wants to be These are just some ideas for those who are in doubt about how to make money with photography.

8. Event Photography

Event photography is one of the lucrative fields. You might think that anybody can take photographs in an event and that it’s not a big deal. This is a misconception. Every event has its own unique important aspects which must be captured and this can only be learned from experience. Events are special moments. People always look for the best event photographer available in their locality.

Let’s have a look at the kinds of events where you can turn up with your camera. Some photographers concentrate on one specific event. But you might consider more than one of these types – Wedding Ceremonies, concerts, corporate Parties, sports events, festivals, Trade Shows, Award Functions, political meets, school and college events.

One important thing to consider in event photography is socializing and making friendships with the organizers if you really want to be in business. Remember, there will be many other photographers competing with you to get the contracts. In this scenario, factors that count are marketing, socializing and of-course quality service.

9. Adventurous Photography

Are you adventurous? Would you like to take your camera and swim under the sea or jump from an air plane at thousands of feet above the earth’s surface? If yes, then may be you should go for a career in any adventurous photography. This is the most exciting and fun-filled areas in photography. You should not go for this if you have High B.P. 

Here is some popular adventurous photography career ideas – Underwater Photography, Aerial Photography, mountain Photography, wildlife photography, nature/landscape photography.

The photographers in these fields are naturally adventurous and are fearless personalities. Aerial photography is absolutely not for the scared ones as it involves taking snaps from weird positions like top buildings, parachute, aircraft, etc.

10. Real Estate Photo Service

Real estate agents need this service as quality photographs of houses and properties are very essential for them to make a sale and they do not have time to do this.

11. Baby Photography: Just like pet photography service, you may also consider baby photography. Pictures of babies are also required for the promotion of baby products.

12. Fashion Photography: This is a lucrative field but very competitive. Fashion brands, magazines, and designers all sought after highly skilled and good fashion photographers. It’s not only limited to taking photographs of models and celebrities but also the trends in fashion accessories, clothes, makeup, etc.

13. Recipe Photography: Restaurants, Hotels, Chefs, etc. all need high-quality images for their recipes. All pictures of recipes you see out there are all taken by professional photographers and not by any Cook!

14. Product Photography: Any product, starting from an exquisite piece of jewelry to a toilet cleaner, needs professional pictures for promotion. Yes, Recipe is also a product!

15. Travel Photography: If you love to travel and visit different places and love to capture every new thing on your camera, travel photography could be for you. Your customers could be travel agencies, travel magazines, etc.

16. Science Photography: You might have a science background and a hobby of photography. Go for scientific photography where you’ll involve yourself in taking pictures in the areas of astronomy, biology, medicine, etc.

17. Action Photography: Basically required in sports and events, action photography is the mastery of taking shots just at the right moment.

18. Photo Journalism: This is one branch that you’ll seek to learn after some experience. Photojournalism is just another way of taking pictures of people, places or anything that can make a story/news or which can be presented in new material for publication or broadcast.

19. Documentary Photography: A bit identical to photojournalism, but in documentary photography, the photographer captures people’s life, their emotions, various observations and levels of life.

Online Photography Business Ideas

The Internet has changed the world of photography dramatically by creating more opportunities for photographers to do their business and make money online.

20. Photo Processing Sites: You head on to an event, take quality pictures, but how do you make money from it? A Photo processing site would be a good platform where you can set up an account to showcase the images and direct the attendees of the events to the site for if they wish to order an image. These sites offer images both digitally and in printed versions. For example,,, etc.

21. Photography eBooks: Experienced photographers also make money by writing and selling eBooks on photography online.

In any photography business, your portfolio of excellent pictures is your real asset. Without a good portfolio it would be difficult to get clients and easy to spice up your frustration. So, choose your field of photography wisely and start learning and building your portfolio.

Rais Dar

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