Top 10 Profitable Business ideas in Bangalore

Bengaluru, capital of a South Indian state Karnataka is counted among the top metropolitan cities of India. It is, to your information, also called a silicon valley and IT capital of India. Despite the cost of living being high in Bengaluru, many people from other states and from foreign countries prefer to stay up over here due to its pleasant climate.

Your business could also enter the list of many successful startups that includes Flipkart, Myntra, etc if you go by their way. Work hard and be persistent. Here are the profitable ten business ideas and a good description for helping you start a business in Bangalore.

1. Open a fitness center

There is so much room for fitness centers in Bangalore as people who work for long hours need workouts and exercises to keep maintaining their fitness and be healthy.

If you are a fitness enthusiast and have some space to install fitness machines, it is time that you give a chance to your enthusiasm while opening a fitness center in Bangalore. 

You should lock up potential customers in a long-term relationship with your fitness center while offering affordable membership plans.

2. Rental business

Rental businesses generally do well in Bangalore. Why because buying rentals from apartments to cars to bicycles to fitness equipment to even DSLR cameras makes no sense in a costly city like Bangalore for temporary settlers who come here for jobs and studies.

3. Event management

No day in Bangalore goes off without an event because it is a city of different cultures, corporations, institutes, religious associations, etc.

Event management service providers are in high demand because for anyone whether a company, religious association, educational institute or even a couple, managing an event is a stressful work in a stressful city like Bangalore.

4. Office supplies business

As there are a large number of govt schools, private schools, and corporate offices, you may want to open an office supplies business. Unlike an offline store, an online portal that features different office supplies won’t take any long time for succeeding in Bangalore.

5. Bakery shop business

Bangalore means bakery and bakery mean Bangalore. The bakery isn’t not only eaten on normal days but also distributed during festivals and we know Bangalore is a location that bustles up with frequent festivals.

6. City courier service

Bangalore not only is a busy city but also the place where roads never see a day without heavy traffic and hence time-consuming to send a parcel to someone within the city. That inconvenience creates the demand for city courier services.

7. Food truck business

People who live here in Bangalore whether locals or outsiders have always a hard time cooking their food inside their homes and rented apartments as they are busy with their work schedules. Also, not all people over here can afford restaurant meals every day as they are costly. Hence, you may also want to open a food truck business that not only will provide food on normal days but also on festivals and other events.

8. Food delivery

Bangalore is an emerging market for online food delivery services because people putting up here lack time for self-cooking and visiting restaurants.

9. Sell on OLX

OLX, an online classified marketplace provides free space for advertising your goods to others. You should take benefit out of this opportunity by selling used stuff via OLX.

10. Digital marketing 

If you are practically familiar with the tactics of boosting the online visibility of websites then you may start a digital marketing company.

Rais Dar

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