Side Business ideas for Doctors and Nurses

Previously it was very common to see that most doctors, nurses, dentists and other healthcare professionals for the sake of their relative’s disappointment imprisoned their aspirations of starting a business.

But the modern ones don’t subscribe to such thoughts anymore and of course, why should they when their family expenses exceed their income.

What type of side business should you as a doctor or nurse start, here are the top 10 best side business opportunities for you provided you are bold enough in taking action beyond your medical practice?

1. Niche blogging

Turn your medical knowledge into cash through niche blogging if you are really smart enough in articulating compelling articles. Once your blog gets to a level where it draws reasonable visitor number, approach Adsense to display ads on your blog and hence eliminate financial worries out of your mind.

2. Affiliate marketing

Strengthen your earnings while monetizing your blog with affiliate marketing links in addition to Google Adsense.

3. Medical consultant

Help physicians and healthcare facilities in generating revenue and solving complex business problems while doing the job of a medical consultant if you have good on business management.

4. Freelancing

Doctors and nurses with the quality of writing creative articles could think upon subscribing to the job of a freelancer.

5. Healthcare Consultant 

On a part-time basis, operate as a healthcare consultant for healthcare organizations to help them in rooting out the inefficiencies from their operational tasks.

6. Health Teacher 

Pass on your knowledge of preventive medicine to help others in protecting, promoting and maintaining good health.

7. Nurse Navigator 

Act as a nurse navigator to assist patients in care coordination, efficient care delivery and removing care hurdles.

8. Book writer 

Write a book during your leisure time if you strongly feel people would admire your health-related tips and solutions.

9. Medical podcaster 

Podcasting is a practice of recording information in digital files. These files are later are made available for download to users who want to listen to them. So as a doctor or a nurse, you also can store and convey medical-related tips and advice through podcasts to your listeners.

10. Health Fairs

Engage people in conversations related to common health concerns while organizing health fairs either at work sites, schools, etc'


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