The 4 Best Side Business Ideas for Lawyers

We get it that you are a lawyer by profession but are looking for additional avenues of income since your job isn’t providing you as much money as you require to meet your household, and family expenses.

It is actually an understatement to say that lawyers or attorneys can’t rake in money apart from their legal job. In fact, there exist fine examples of many renowned lawyers who earn much on a side while practicing law.

Keep reading on patiently as we will be exposing you to the four of the best ways that shall make you earn more than your monthly salary, and hence save more money.

1. Blogging

Blogging is a great side hustle lawyers can use to make extra income in their free time. You can create a lot of content out of your knowledge on various legal matters, and will be sharing it on their blogs. People will visit your blog to see if your content can help them resolve their legal issues. And, alongside your content, you will be showing them ads of third party advertisers or selling them your products.

2. Freelance writer

Many people start part-time freelance writing while they are still employed, build up a client list, and then take off on their own when the income is steady. If you already enjoy writing impressive content, a free writing could be a good option.

3. Working online

Many people earn their income online by selling products, creating a popular web site, or earning commissions on sales of products (also known as affiliate marketing.) There are various ways to make money online. Just do a quick search and you will find hundreds of web sites with advice on how to start. Just be cautious of “get rich quick” schemes that may make it seem like it is all easy. Working online should be treated like a business, not a form of easy money.

4. Create your own product

Many lawyers have started businesses selling products they have created. For example, we know a woman lawyer who designed her own diaper bags, had them manufactured, and sells them at various baby expos as well as online. You can find manufacturers that will produce your products and you can market them and sell them wholesale.'


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