The Eight Best Small Business ideas in Morocco

Back in 1993, when the government handed over certain sectors to private firms, the economy of Morocco recorded tremendous growth and development from then. Today, in terms of GDP, Morocco ranks 5th in Africa.

Even though sectors like tourism, textile and telecom experienced huge growth in the last couple of years, yet the service sector contributes more than 50% towards the economy.

Now, if you’re looking for business ideas to set up a business in Morocco, here are 10 top, in fact, the best small business ideas and opportunities that have huge potential in the country of Morocco:

1. Sugar Beets Cultivation

Particularly Tadla’s rich soil and climate support the better cultivation of sugar beets. Therefore, if you are lucky to own a piece of land in Tadla, then consider focussing on sugar beets farming there.

2. Wheat Cultivation

Wheat cultivation is undoubtedly a great area local can focus on. Even though wheat production was hit hard by drought last year(2016), still Morocco continues to be the second largest wheat grower in Africa.

3. Barley Cultivation

Moroccan entrepreneurs can also cash into a barley farming business as its soil offers ideal conditions for barley production.

4. Tomato Cultivation

As reports tell us, thousands of tons of tomatoes are exported every year from Morocco. Tomato cultivation is truly an excellent agriculture opportunity for those people who are located in places like Souss Massa, El Jadida, and Casablanca.

5. Sugarcane Cultivation

Morocco’s soil and climate conditions also favor greatly for sugarcane cultivation. Therefore local entrepreneurs might also go for a sugarcane cultivation business.

6. Olive Cultivation 

Moroccan olives find a great space not only in the local cuisine and culture, even in other countries. With this, you may also consider an olive cultivation business.

7. Maize Cultivation 

To cover its domestic consumption, Morocco also happens to be the major importer of maize which in turns means more outflow of money. To avoid it, you could focus on domestic maize cultivation.

8. Peanuts Cultivation 

Peanuts cultivation is another area that is worth it in Morocco. In fact, it has a great prospect for growth due to the widespread demand for peanuts all over the world.

Rais Dar

A passionate business person who takes pride in sharing knowledge with those who need it.

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