Creating a Carwash Business Plan

Everyone who owns a car needs to wash it at some point or the other. Not all car owners want to deal with the hassle of washing their own cars, and so they opt for car cleaning services, that makes their life much easier.

If you’re in the car wash business you’ll know how busy it can get. A car wash business can be a real thriving business, especially if your business is located on the interstate highways and other such locations where a car needs a good wash. And so it’s important that you about your car wash business the right way. That’s where a car wash business plan comes into the picture and helps you to stay right on track.

The format of most business plans are essentially similar. It starts off with the present and moves along, planning for the future. You can create a business plan for five or ten years or even more. Generally five years is the standard, but it all depends on you. Most business plans are printed on paper and filed for reference. However increasingly, a lot of businesses are becoming environmentally conscious and are keeping their files stored on the Internet. Generally one copy of the business plan is more than sufficient. You can store your documents on the computer in pdf format, which is easy to use and understand.

A car wash could be either in a crowded neighborhood or on interstate highways. If the cars ply for a long journey they are bound to gather dust on the windshields and the discomfort is easily visible on the driver. That is true in any part of the world. A car wash is a must at those times and therefore, a location on the highway would not do much harm. It does not mean that you cannot start one of car wash business in a quite neighborhood. Wherever you’re located, you’ll have people wanting to wash their cards, it’s just the amount of business would differ depending on the location.

When it comes to it, it is proper planning that makes or breaks a business. There are quite a few components that play a vital part in a successful business venture and perspiration and inspiration being the important two. First of all, there should be a plan. Yes, a very good business plan or vision; you just can’t start something for the sake of it.

Now, the service; car wash is all about pampering the car. Almost all the car owners are in love with their vehicle. It is real precious to them. They leave it to you for a special treatment. And you got to heed their call. Give it a nice pampering. Serve with a smile. And yes, be connected. In this world of fast lanes and fast cars and people living out of suitcases it is mandatory that you stay connected. Have your phone numbers ready and the phone numbers working, you may get a call from anywhere anytime.

The cleaning services you offer determines the success of your car wash business, and a well detailed car wash business plan will help you tap that success.'


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