The Top 10 Profitable Education & Training Business ideas

Every year we Indians spend crores of money on the education of our children. We leave no stone unturned until our children become able to land on their dream jobs and be highly respected by the people in and around our communities. And as long as we Indians continue to give education such importance, there will be a sustainable market for educational products and services in our country.

Academicians with an entrepreneur urge should consider starting a business in the education sector. Education-related businesses would allow you to make profits while helping others to develop economically as well as ethically.

Take a look at these top 10 best and trending small business ideas in the educational industry:

1. English class

Nowadays, if one has to make a successful career in any particular field, he or she requires to learn English. There are many students who remain depressed because they don’t know how to speak English. They look for people who can teach and make them become fluent in writing and speaking the English language. If you have a good command of English, teaching these students English classes is a great business idea for you.

2. Tuition class

Parents today give utmost care to the tuition of their children in addition to school and college education. Assuming you are good at teaching, you can offer private tuition classes to the school going children as well as to the higher studies students. If you are successful in generating good results, then it’s for sure that in the future a pool or line of students will be interested in studying from you.

3. Bookstore

Selling books allows you to earn high profits as a book is something which is generally a nonbargainable item. Whatever the price printed on books, customers won’t hesitate to pay it. Proximity to educational institutions like schools, tuition centers, colleges, universities, etc is an important factor that needs to be considered while opening a bookstore.

4. Online tutor

The growing popularity of online education helps explain why online tutors are in demand. You can embrace two ways to benefit from this opportunity, one is to register your profile as a tutor on various online learning platforms and the second option is launching an online tutoring business on your own.

5. Private nursery

Nursery school is arguably the first place that builds self-esteem in children while facilitating home-like conditions to them. It not only assists in inducing great social skills in kids, but they help them achieve better grades as well. Because of such benefits, more and more parents turn towards nursery schools.

Besides it, there are even huge gaps such as quality education, comfortable learning environment, etc that many nursery schools still fail to fill. If your place is yet to see its first nursery school or such gaps prevail in already established ones, think not beyond starting your own private nursery school.

6. Primary school

Primary school is the second education institution after a nursery school a child is exposed to. It lays down a solid foundation in a child’s educational life while giving him or her exposure to simple arithmetic rules and other basic learning stuff. If there isn’t any private primary school yet built at your place or in existing schools low-quality education is being offered, consider starting a private primary school there.

7. Driving school

Driver schools aim at helping people learn safe driving. Driving isn’t something we genetically inherit from our parents. It has to be learned from someone who already knows how to drive and it is no surprise that there are thousands of people around who want to learn driving skills before taking their newly bought vehicles on roads. If you know how to drive vehicles safely, what better you can start other than a driving school in your locality.

8. Sales Trainer 

If you’ve accumulated adequate experience in the sales field, you could work as a sales trainer to help in preparing new sales representatives by inculcating the knowledge and skills in them.

9. Self-defense trainer

Or you can focus on providing people the skills that will ensure their safety during risky situations as self-defense trainer.

10. Sewing classes

Facilitate sewing classes to help people in mastering the craft of making and repairing pieces of cloth.

Rais Dar

A passionate business person who takes pride in sharing knowledge with those who need it.

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