30 Best Electrical and Electronics Business ideas for 2019

We require electronic devices for many daily purposes. To make a call, play games and browse the internet, we need smartphones. To watch what is happening around the world, we need televisions. Similarly, we require printers to get printed copies of documents.

In fact, everything that we do on a daily basis, electronic products are always out there to help us no matter wherever we happen to be whether in our own homes or in travel or doing work in our offices.

Electronics is a vast industry involved in the manufacturing and distribution of electronic and electrical products such as computers, smartphones, LED, tools etc and aftermarket services such as computer repair, smartphone repair etc

Here are top 30 best electrical and electronics related business opportunities that we think are worth for electronic engineers and other professional’s entrepreneurial consideration:

1. Laptop selling shop

Laptops are amazing electronic devices that probably will always be in great demand especially in the professional and student markets. The most interesting trend that favours the more demand for laptops is the growing number of people working from homes, revealed our survey.

Whilst the profit margin involved in each sale might not be as good as one expects but even a single sale can make your day because laptops generally are classified as high involvement products.

Prior to starting a laptop retail shop, what is extremely important is that you should make a list of brands that sell better in your locality and then procure the sample supply from the dealers.

2. Computer repair services

Those who own laptops and computers make up the potential market for computer repair services. Computers, as a matter of the fact, can’t always resist faults such as sudden shutdowns, motherboard and several other hardware and software related failures.

While some are able to fix such failures on their own, many, especially those who have no knowledge of how to repair troubled computers and that is where your skills of repairing faulty computers help you earn money.

The least that you require to start a computer repair business is a combination of repair skills, quality components, and repair tools.

3. Smartphone retail shop

Day in and day out we need smartphones for making routine, important and emergency calls, surfing the internet, chatting with friends etc. In fact, life becomes boring for a moment when our smartphones turn switch off.

Having said that, it is also a good idea to open a smartphone retail business. However, brands with high local and current demand should be sourced from respective dealers and then put up for sale in your shop.

4. Smartphone repair services

Thanks to the smartphone companies that have worked hard over the years to bring down the prices of smartphones, enabling almost everyone from rich to poor to own a smartphone, bringing with it smartphone aftermarket that involves smartphone repair and maintenance services.

Just like computers, smartphones also some times run out of juice and that is when cellphone technicians are called upon. Every one knows the fact that today almost all people own at least one mobile, though there are even many who have more than one.

Hence, if you have skills to repair faulty smartphones, you might want to start a smartphone repair business.

5. LCD and LED retail shop

The CRT television sets that once had a defined place in our homes have almost disappeared ever since people have shifted to flat and high quality LED and LCD sets.

The LCD and LED sets are in more demand in India than ever as a result of high quality, flatness like advantages supported by diminishing prices, indicates TV Veopar Journal. With this in mind, you may also start a shop that retails LCD and LED sets in your locality.

6. LCD and LED repair 

Additionally, you could generate more profits while providing LED and LCD repair services provided you know how to repair defected LCD and LED sets or keep a technician in your shop.

7. Camera Repair

Some times it is very frustrating when our cameras(whether personal or professional) face unexpected problems and there is no one better than a technician who could take us out of that frustration. With so many professional camera men as well common people who own a camera around, you may decide to go for a camera repair business also.

8. Sell CCTV Cameras

Today, CCTV cameras have become a necessity due to emergence of security problems. They are needed at residential places as well as commercial places. Therefore, you may also think about starting a CCTV camera business in your locality. In addition, you deliver installation services to make earn more markups.

9. Become a Electrician

More than ever, well trained electricians are in high demand in both residential as well industrial markets. You just need an electrical tool kit, however it is immensely important that work with an experienced person for about 6 months and once you acquire skills, then you can independently deliver such services in your locality.

10. Cartridge Refilling 

As long as people continue print out their paper sheets, there will be high demand for refill or toner services. You can either open your own refill service business or you may go for a franchising option.

11. Sell Solar Lights 

If you live in a place where people face electricity deficit most of time, then it is worth for you to open a solar lights retail business there.

12. Solar Lights Repair

In addition, you can offer repairing services to your clients to make your business more attractive and profitable. However, it is utmost important that you guard yourself with repairing skills in order to deliver effective services to your clients.

13. Solar Panel Installation

It is considered a business with a great future, after all world is striving for best energy alternatives that could leave little or no impact on environment. Just get trained enough to deliver effective solar panel installation services in your region.

14. Appliance Repair

Besides above all, you can also consider starting an electronics appliances repair business to fix faulty microwaves, refrigerators, gas fireplaces, vacuum cleaners, twin window fans etc  in your locality. However, you need to have a trained hand to fix them.

15. Battery Reconditioning 

There arises a time when sulfation which is a stable crystalline substance causes batteries loose their performance and that is when battery reconditioning services is called upon. It ensures total elimination of sulfation and hence a battery is recovered to its initial performance.

16. Manufacture Voltage Stabilisers

Especially in low power regions, a voltage stabiliser manufacturing can work extremely well. Buying a voltage stabiliser becomes important as without it appliances like refrigerator, water heater and many more can’t work properly.

17. LED Lights Repair 

Just like any other electronic gadget, LED too sometimes face unexpected complex problems and that is when it become important to call upon a technician to fix these faulty LED devices. Therefore, another best business opportunity for those who are looking for business ideas in the electronics industry.

18. Manufacture Capacitors 

A capacitor is a useful electrical component that has wide use in power circuits. Therefore, if you’ve an adequate investment, then you may also consider establishing a capacitor manufacturing business in your locality.

19. LCD Repair Business

You surely can’t imagine of a house without a LCD. Therefore, attaining LCD repair skills can pay off greatly especially in these days when there are countless LCD’s around.

20. Manufacture Plugs & Sockets

Electrical plugs and sockets are important components that are widely used to form electrical connections. There is certainly no house or a commercial building in which you can’t find them. With this in mind, you can also initiate your own electrical and sockets manufacturing business also.

21. DVD Player Repair

Expose yourself to DVD player repair skills to cause problematic DVD players come back into the working conditions.

22. TV Repair 

Assist in making the damaged televisions work again by detecting and fixing faults in them.

23. Radio Repair

Get your eyes and hands trained enough to diagnose and root out the problems in faulty radios.

24. LED Bulb Maker

With incandescent bulbs steadily phasing out, you can focus on making LED bulbs to provide long lasting light at low costs.

25. Battery production

With increasing push for electric mobility day by day, eyeing your investment in battery production business is a great opportunity.

26. Power pack production 

Make power pack devices to covert power from household electrical circuit or batteries to a suitable voltage.

27. Make electronic toys

Give children a joyful feeling by manufacturing electronics toys for them.

28. Electronic weight scale

With many applications in homes and stores, you can also eye on making electronic weight scales.

29. Inverter production 

Manufacture inverter circuitry to help in converting direct current into alternating current.

30. Electronic blogger

Or you may resort to blogging to monetise your knowledge of electronics if above listed electrical business opportunities are beyond your interest.

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