20 Simple Food Business ideas with Low Investment

This is an indubitable fact that eating food is as important as the power to a computer or petrol to a bike. In fact, food is one of the fundamental reasons that keep us alive and get going energetically in our lives.

We all would not even hesitate in endorsing the fact that food industry is the only industry that will survive against all odds during economic downtown or in other words no matter how sick the economical condition may get, it will never ever crush down.

We mean, after all, people could give up everything such as jewelry, cars, clothes, etc but certainly can’t avoid food. That is the reason why it’s so great and off course exciting to work with the food industry.

Nevertheless, here are 24 profitable, in fact, the best food and beverage related small business opportunities that could cost you low investment to start:

1. Bread Baker

You most likely won’t find any harm in becoming a bread baker if you don’t mind waking up too early in the morning.

2. Baking Powder

Produce baking powder to help professional bakers make their bakery rise and become light while baking.

3. Biscuit Maker

Let snacks times become more enchanting by sweetening oats or white flour with sugar to make a variety of biscuits.

4. Banana Chips Maker

If you are stationed in countries like India, Sri Lanka, etc where banana is grown abundantly, you could make and serve banana chips as a snack food or as a side dish there.

5. Cashew Processor

Being an important industrial food item, you could ponder upon branching out to a cashew processing unit if you’re a cashew grower.

6. Cheesecake Maker

Become a cheesecake maker to prepare and sell a wide variety of cheesecake flavors to local restaurants, coffee cafes, and bakery retail outlets.

7. Chocolate Maker

Maybe chocolates are junk food for adults and elders but surely not for children. It is a heavenly food for kids and hence you may also consider initiating a chocolate making business.

8. Buffet Restaurant

Open and own a buffet restaurant to let the eaters choose, pick and enjoy their own choice of meals from various options.

9. Candy Maker

Being an important food that most children are obsessed with, you can also make and sell candies to children.

10. Catering Services

Arrange and prepare delicious foods for local get together parties, bridal showers, wedding receptions, and other events.

11. Mobile Caterer 

Or, as a caterer you might use a truck or any other kind of vehicle to transport and serve food on such events.

12. Coffee Shop

Rent a shop at a visible place(where people already gather) to serve coffee to them.

13. Restaurant Cook

Become a cook to secure the space in a local restaurant’s kitchen if you aren’t scared of knives and heat.

14. Chef Instructor 

Inspire and instill key skills to help participants prepare healthy meals if you have a culinary background.

15. Food Truck 

On board your vehicle with equipment to cook and sell food in your city area while on move.

16. Fresh Juice Maker

Extract and sell fresh juices at locations such as universities, colleges, hospitals, etc by squeezing fruits like oranges, mangoes, apples, etc.

17. Dietitian  

Get licensed to serve as a dietitian and therefore diagnose and treat various diet and nutrition-related problems.

18. Dessert Shop

With $10,000 – $60,000 investment you can open a dessert shop to serve cakes, cookies, tarts, pies, etc

19. Deli Shop

Open a deli shop to make the availability of cheese and cold meat like food items to the customers.

20. Jam and Jelly maker

Making jam and jelly is another profitable food related business opportunity one can start at home with low investment.

21.  Sauce maker 

If you have expertise in making sauce recipes, then you may focus on bottling and selling sauces.

22. Spice processor

Pulverise, sieve and pack a wide array of spices to enhance the taste and flavor of cuisines and other processed foods.

23. Tea Bag Maker

Make tea bags to help people in brewing a quick cup of tea conveniently.

Rais Dar

A passionate business person who takes pride in sharing knowledge with those who need it.

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