The 7 Innovative Food Business Ideas for Foodies

This is an indubitable fact that eating food is as important as the power to a computer or petrol to a bike. In fact, food is one of the fundamental reasons that keep us alive and get going energetically in our lives. Here are 7 best and simple food business ideas that foodies like you can start with small capital.

1. Dessert bakery

Opening a dessert bakery means you will be using your own secret recipes to create, and sell desserts to local restaurants. Make sure to deliver your desserts fresh each day. You can create your own niche by speiclising in one type of dessert.

2. Cake decorator

To begin a cake decoration business, you will need to take classes, and learn to make birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and other special occasion confections. You will be marketing your cake decorating service to people who are planning their wedding, wedding consultants, caterers, etc.

3. Lunchtime caterer

Lunchtime catereers target businesses that don’t operate a cafeteria. You may want to cater to construction sites also, or any other working place which lacks convenient access to great lunches. It’s a great idea to specialize in homemade soups, fresh baked desserts, and other items that wouldn’t be easy to replace with a sack lunch.

4. Tea house business

This business demands you to let your home open to your customers on special days, and host an afternoon tea. You can provide themed afternoon teas at Christmas, Mother’s Day, and other holidays.  To increase your income, you may want to sell your specialty teas for customers to serve at home, tea cups, tea pots, and other gift items. Make sure that you make the atmosphere and tea experience feel very special so that your customers will want to come back.

5. Weightloss catering

A weightloss business aims to help people lose weight because it is designed to make dieting so convenient, it’s easy not to cheat on your diet. Just prepare the meals while using your best low calorie recipes, and package them into single servings to deliver to your customers.

6. Soup business 

You can do a soup business with the help of a cart located in an area that is convenient for people during their lunch hour, or by taking your soups to people who can’t get away for lunch. You shall be making fresh, warm, homemade tasting soup each week day, and sell bowls of it at lunch time. You may want to provide several soup choices each day, or specialize in one soup for each day of the week.

7. Meals to seniors 

This business deals in making great meals and packaging them in single serving to sell and deliver to senior citizens or to people who are living alone You can also market additional snacks or freezer meals to them.  However, make sure to offer excellent customer service.'


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