Startup News Raises $600K Investment, a Delhi based startup is reported to have raised an investment of $600,000 from a United States based venture capital firm Matrix Partners. As per a press release published on TechCrunch, the company has managed the investment last week.

Frankly is a video sharing the social medium. In other words, a video question and answer platform that serves the purpose of being a connectivity tool like Twitter. While Twitter utilises only text method, Frankly, in contrast, allows public figures to connect through videos.

An official of the company said in a statement said that several very important person, abbreviated as VIP and other personalities have already registered and set up their profiles on Frankly. These personalities include people from ranging from well-known singers, actors and even political leaders like Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. is a platform which is working on a concept which is similar to Twitter, YouTube, and Google Hangouts but the Frankly’s founders Nikunj Jain and Abhishek Gupta aim at creating a platform for meaningful conversation with no limit of 140 characters.

They are also looking forward to making it a platform for two-way conversations. Questions submitted once can be up-voted by other users and the most popular questions have maximum visibility. The concept is an advanced version of Reddit and Quora.

Frankly team is also looking forward to new and different business models to expand their base and gain a lot of popularity. The startup hopes to breakthrough and grow their venture through increasing mobile penetration in India. Their mobile apps for Android and iOS platform is in beta testing mode.

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