The Top 20 Innovative Furniture Business ideas

Even though furniture fills up much space in our homes yet we don’t feel comfortable without it. There are even some people who say they feel incomplete in its absence.

Furniture will always be in high demand as long as humans continue constructing new homes, apartments etc. Therefore, a career in the furniture industry is both exciting and rewarding not only in these days but also in the future, after all, a growing population means more homes and thereby more furniture.

Here are 20 best innovative small furniture business opportunities that may resonate with your skills and investment:

1. Furniture trainer

There is probably no one better than you who has the ability in imparting skills like carving, marquetry, turning etc to aspiring furniture makers if you have accumulated years of experience in furniture making profession.

2. Sell used furniture

Sell used furniture to thousands of those people who simply have very little spending power on buying new furniture for their homes.

3. Refurbish old furniture

Open a refurbishing furniture business to get old furniture of local households renovated if you are good in painting.

4. Sell Used Furniture Online

Modern time is the time of opportunities. There are many websites such as Chairish, AptDeco, Etsy etc that can help you sell your used furniture to their thousands of registered buyers.

5. Furniture Marketplace

Thanks to the internet and to many cheap platforms that have made everything possible for everyone. Even, you create your own online marketplace to help local people buy and sell their furniture.

6. Make Furniture Tools

No furniture maker or designer can create the stuff such as tables, chairs, beds etc that we and you drag to our homes. So, if you can afford, then consider starting furniture tools making business.

7. Retail Furniture Tools 

Or, you can simply source out the furniture tools from manufacturers and sell them to customers in a store. However, you need to have a decent investment to start a retail furniture business at your local place.

8. Be a Furniture Painter

One with some amount to buy painting tools such as brushes, power sander, wood filler etc, can consider offering furniture painting services in his or her local area.

9. Furniture Painting Supplies 

Furniture painting supplies retail business offers great prospect to earn high profits. However, you got to have a good investment to get started with this business. You can sell a variety of items such as steel wool, paste wax, paints etc to your customers.

10. Wood Cutting Business

Woodcutting business is definitely an easy pick provided you have some money to buy wood cutting tools and an effective team of 2-3 workers.

11. Sell Woodcutting Tools 

It’s no surprise to say that there will always be a great demand for wood cutting tools as long as we have woodcutters around. Hence, you might also consider opening a wood cutting tools retail business in your locality.

12. Sell Furniture Tools Online

Since more people these days feel much comfortable with online shopping, you could consider expanding your furniture tools making business online.

13. Plywood Factory 

With a wide range of interior and exterior and even structural applications, opening a plywood factory is another one of the great opportunities in the furniture industry. However, investment is quite high.

14. Plywood Retailer

Suitable for an extensive range of home applications, you could also engage in a plywood retail business.

15. Plywood Wholesaler 

Or, you may take interest in selling plywood material in large quantities to retail outlets.

16. Wood Panelling

Offer wood paneling services to give home and office walls more decorative looks.

17. Furniture Rental

Offer furniture rentals in a job-rich city where people relocate to earn their livelihood.

18. Furniture Blogger 

If you’ve broad knowledge about the furniture industry, then blogging is one of the areas where you can capitalize it.

19. Lap desk Maker 

Make lap desks to help laptop users avoid the various possible health problems arising from overheating of laptops.

20. Bench Maker

Make and cater benches for public parks, government & private schools, colleges etc'


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