The 15 New Innovative Green Business ideas

Green businesses are on the rise as many people continue to search for ways to reduce their impact on the environment in their local areas as well as globally. There are a number of ways that individuals can reduce their carbon footprint and go green with businesses. Here are the 15 best green business ideas that are sure to help put money in the bank and offset the carbon footprint that is continuously damaging the environment.

1. Encourage Buying Local

One of the biggest trends in the new green movement is encouraging consumers to buy local foods. This reduces the carbon footprint from transporting foods from one place to another. Business owners can cash in on this trend by creating green food businesses for local residents. These green business ideas include a local grocery co-op, growing fresh foods and selling locally, and roasting and selling coffee beans locally. Since everyone purchases food, this is a great opportunity to provide a needed product, make a profit, and go green at the same time.

2. Transportation

Cars, trucks, and other vehicles are one of the primary contributors to global warming and pollution. Many individuals are now searching for ways to reduce the number of carbon emissions they create from traveling to and from work and other places. Green transportation has become a unique and increasingly popular industry where business owners can offer alternatives to typical travel. These businesses may include bike share programs, hybrid cab companies and selling electric bikes and scooters. All of these save money and provide green-friendly options for transportation.

3. Retailing Green Products

Green products not only reduce the impact on the environment but can also provide relief to those that have health issues due to using products with toxic chemicals. Green products, such as cleaning products, provide safe and non-toxic choices for those who are not only concerned about the environment but also their health. Cash in on this green business by retailing these items which include green cleaning products, organic clothing, and all natural makeup and body care products. Retailing can be as easy as selling products online or at a local farmer’s market.

4. Making Homes Green

As individuals begin seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint, many will turn to make changes in their home in regards to energy usage and exhaust systems. Start a green business that assists others with going green in their homes. These types of businesses include installing green roofing to assist with energy costs, cleaning and installing filters on heating and air units to provide cleaner air, and even performing energy audits for consumers to find out other places they can go green and save money.

5. Worm Farming at Home

One of the best green businesses that can be done at home is worm farming. Worms are a valuable commodity to bait and tackle stores that cater to the needs of fishermen. In addition, worm farmers can sell kits online that include worms for creating a composting system for organic waste. The earthworms used for this earth-friendly system helps to convert waste into valuable fertilizer for plants and gardens. Not only is worm farming a super easy home business, but also it reduces the amount of waste in landfills.

6. Make All Natural Wax Candles

Another great green home business idea is making wax candles at home. Wax candles are a great business because the product is a consumable, which means customers will come back for more if they like the product. In addition, making wax candles provides customers with a natural candle that will not burn off chemicals or other harmful elements. These candles can be sold at fairs, craft shows, and gift shops. In addition, websites such as are a great place for candle makers to sell their products without ever leaving their home.

7. Green Consulting from Home

Green consultants provide a wealth of information to businesses and individuals that may desire to make their companies or homes greener. Most of this consulting work can be done at home using email, conference calls, and written communication. Entrepreneurs can become eco-consultants through a company called Green Irene for a fee of $150-$350. The cost depends upon whether you want to just do residential training or both residential and business. In addition, these consultants can complete their training online and keep 100% of their consulting fees once trained.

8. Bike Repair Business

As strange as it may sound, with the increasing prices of gas, many individuals are turning to other forms of green transportation such as bikes, to commute. However, statistics are showing that many individuals are more likely to grab the old bike in their garage than go out and buy a brand new one. Due to this, the bike repair business is on the rise. This business can be easily started from home in a spare room or garage. Simply use an online tool, such as, to learn how to repair and get started with your first client.

9. Turning Junk into Treasure

One of the biggest factors of the green movement is the emphasis on recycling and reusing products. This is why turning someone’s junk into treasure is so appealing and such a great fit for the green movement. Many individuals are now visiting thrift stores and Goodwill Stores, buying pre-owned products and reselling them on sites such as eBay and In fact, there are entrepreneurs who make a full time living to do this very thing and loving every minute of it. In addition, this green business idea has a very low start-up cost, as most pre-owned items are inexpensive.

10. Create a Green Information Website

Education is key to understanding how to change a lifestyle and make it more environmentally friendly. Starting a green living informational website is one of the best business models a person can choose. This requires minimal startup costs. All that is needed is a computer, the internet, and an informational platform such as WordPress or another template based blog site. Then, simply write informational articles that educate readers on becoming green and make money off the advertisements from Google or other advertising companies on these pages

11. E-Commerce Site for Green Products

Since there are many individuals looking to make their lives and homes greener, this means there are also people seeking out products online to make this process much easier. Why not create an e-commerce website that offers these green products. Websites such as offer green products from many different companies and provide blind drop shipping to your customers. An e-commerce website not only makes money while the owner sleeps, but this option also provides all the storage and shipping of the products sold.

12. Green Janitorial or Cleaning Services

Statistics show that more individuals are willing to hire someone to come clean their home. This has been shown to be especially true with couples where both partners work full-time jobs. Therefore, more women are finding they can offer cleaning services to offices and residential areas, and at the same time, provide a safe, cleaning solution for those homes the may have individuals with allergies or other health issues. By offering green cleaning services, these businesses find a niche market that serves those not only concerned with having a clean house, but less of a carbon footprint.

13. Sell Organic Chocolate

Another green business idea is selling organic chocolate via stores or online. Organic chocolate is far better than regular chocolate because it offers a great tasting treat with no pesticides or toxic chemicals. In addition, everyone loves chocolate, and many people want the best tasting chocolate when craving a treat. One successful example of this green business model is the well-known organic chocolate company, Green & Black’s Organic. A husband and wife team started the organic chocolate business, and now the business supplies organic chocolate to many major food retailers.

14. Teach a Raw Foods Class

As more individuals seek healthier food and lifestyle choices, some choose to eat a raw-only diet. This means a diet consisting of all uncooked, unprocessed and natural foods that do not contain preservatives or other harmful components. Teaching raw foods classes has become a great green business for many women, as those entering this lifestyle of eating have no idea how to prepare raw foods to make them tasty and delicious enough to continue in this healthy way of eating. In addition to making money, a raw foods business will also promote healthiness as well.

15. Gardening Trainer

Those individuals wanting to go green and grow their own vegetables may need a little help along the way. Since not everyone was born with a green thumb, one very profitable business for women could be to provide gardening training to those who do not even know the basics of gardening and growing their own vegetables. Not only will this business promote green living exponentially with students as they start their own gardens, but will also provide a steady income from classes, with little to no startup capital required.'


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