How to Become a Freelance Writer

If you enjoy writing and would like to earn money while working from your laptop or home computer, you may want to become a freelance writer. From greeting cards to business writing, a plethora of opportunities can be found for freelance writers who are committed to finding them, and to promote their business.

If you are not the kind of writer who seeks notoriety, you may find the level of self promotion required to become a freelance writer difficult or undesirable. Fortunately, ghost writing is a viable option and can become a lucrative business for the freelance writer who is willing to market his or her services.

Time is money. In today’s climate, a writer will only be as successful as his marketing skills. Marketing and promoting your services, managing your business, and finding steady clients or projects can be just as time consuming as billable writing jobs. It takes time to establish your name, and it takes time to become a freelance writer who is able to earn a living writing full time.

Your clients

While writing for exposure only is not a bad idea, especially when you are first starting out, in order to become a freelance writer who can pay the bills, you will have to find paying clients.

Your clientele will depend largely upon what kind of writing you do. What has been your writing experience? Technical writing? Newsletters? Ad Copy?

What is your platform, or your area of expertise? Are you in the medical field, a beauty consultant, a software expert, a foodie, a musician? Writing what you know is a good rule of thumb, but the writer who is versatile may be able to keep a steady stream of paying clients. The Writer’s Digest is a terrific resource for finding paying markets and writer’s guidelines.

Getting Started

Just do it. Write something every day. You can’t sell something that you haven’t yet written. Writing is a little like exercise – in order to stay sharp, you must keep at it.

Very little start up cost is required to become a freelance writer if you already own your computer. A solid command of the English language is vital if writing for an American market. Networking, research, and internet skills are also essential.


• Earn income while doing something you love
• Choose your own hours and clients
• Freedom of working from your laptop


• Marketing can be time consuming
• Competitive business that may be hard to break into
• Income may not be steady, especially when getting started'


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