How to Find Your Feedburner ID

No e-commerce startup overlooks the use of email subscription, nor should you if you have decided to conduct your business through a website. Integrating an email subscription service allows you to communicate your latest offers to your subscribed customers.

There are a couple of best email marketing service providers and Feedburner is one of them. I assume you have already signed up for Feedburner to avail its subscription service, however, you have no clue about how to find your Feedburner ID? Don’t worry I will show and help you in finding your Feedburner ID in this article. Do as instructed below:

1. Google Feedburner word

Type Feedburner word in Google search box. Hit the search button and click on top result displayed on your computer screen. Look at the screenshot below:

2. Click Feed Icon

Click Feed Icon

Now click the Feed icon marked with the red circle as shown in the image below.

3. Copy your Feed ID

Copy your Feed ID

You will be taken to Feed Content page ( see the screenshot below ) once you click your feed icon. You can easily find your Feedburner ID in the address bar attached to the URL. Copy and paste it in your theme or in the blank text box of a widget.

I hope that you find my guide useful. If so, do share it with others.'


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