How to Sell on Shopclues

You probably have an inadequate awareness if you are thinking that because Shopclues is a mediocre online shopping store, selling products through it won’t benefit your business as much as you get from Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc like gigantic electronic Indian retailers. 

Indeed, while selling on Shopclues you won’t enjoy as many sales as you get from Flipkart, Amazon, etc but not selling either means you are losing some customers to your rivals.

Shopclues is an emerging online shopping portal and day by day its popularity among online shoppers is growing faster than ever in India.

While it is true that Shopclues is smaller compared to other portals however registering for it will definitely benefit you in many ways such as – 24/7 open, cost-free advertising, millions of product views, etc.

Here is the complete guide to help you become a registered seller on Shopclues if you are serious about fuelling up your sales and thus presence in India:

1. Seller registration

In order to become an authorized seller on Shopclues, you first need to sign up while filling its online merchant registration form that asks you to enter the following details:

  • Your company name
  • Company description
  • Main office address
  • Contact information

Make sure you are careful while entering these details and then click on the submit button.

2. Selling Fees

Unlike other electronic retail stores, Shopclues fortunately neither does charge sellers money not even a single penny for listing their product nor does it charge for a monthly subscription fee.

Find further details about what sellers are charged by Shopclues and how much does it charge by visiting its pricing card page…'


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