4 Steps on How to Start a Bookkeeping Business

Bookkeeping is a great home-based business opportunity and is easy to start as the startup costs involved are very low. You must know that a bookkeeping job is not the same as accounting. Bookkeeping doesn’t demand formal education since a bookkeeper does not provide financial feedback. A bookkeeper’s job is to track and record income and expenditures, manage bank statements, and process employee payroll. This is what makes a bookkeeping a solid business venture. 

Skills required

Although formal education is not required to start a bookkeeping business, it is of great advantage to have some training for the sake of presenting a credible impression on your clients. Community colleges and vocational schools provide bookkeeping courses. Another idea is to find accredited institutions through the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. Other skills necessary for operating this business is a basic skill in business management. You will also need to know how to legally operate your bookkeeping business. 

Your duties

A bookkeeper’s job involves handling all aspects of financial recording keeping. He or she works with numbers all day long by posting debits and credits, preparing financial statements, reports, payroll, and prepare deposits. Other duties which may be required are specialized tasks, such as posting transactions, total accounts, and compute interest charges. They may also have to monitor loans and accounts and make certain payments are up to date.


Bookkeepers need a reliable computer, so they can do various other tasks, such as typing letters and creating spreadsheets. Most bookkeepers have industry standard software they use for business. Other equipment which will be needed is a printer and possibly a fax machine.

Startup costs

As said before, to begin a bookkeeping business it is fairly simple since it requires very little start-up costs. Depending upon the equipment and software you already own, you could already be in a position to open your business. All that is needed is a reliable computer, bookkeeping software, and a printer.

In conclusion, you can begin a bookkeeping service as a home-based business. The startup costs are low which makes beginning this business even easier. Become a bookkeeper and get started making your dream of home based business a reality.  



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