How to Start a Cake Decorating Business

The creative and artistic process in cake decorating will give you an outlet to put your talent to use while earning money. Cakes can be made for birthdays, graduation, weddings, and all special occasions. This career needs a small investment for equipment, such as a Lazy-Susan, baking pans, an industrial mixer, and icing bags with tips.


One great advantage of beginning a cake decorating business is that no formal education is needed. Most cake decorators are trained by other professionals. However, it is always best to consider improving your craft. Honing your craft takes practice. Perfecting your craft takes continuing education. To become the best you can possibly be in the cake decorating industry, you should consider learning more about the techniques. Many craft stores house classrooms in the back of their stores and offer basic, intermediate, and advanced classes in cake decorating.

Another way you can learn more about the craft is to volunteer at a bakery and become an apprentice. It is a win-win situation, they get volunteer hours from you and they give you the education you need.

Other skills needed are the art of baking and working equipment. Professional bakers use tried and true recipes. Find a recipe which is moist and sweet and butter-lious. Experiment with every recipe you can find and then bake it over and over again until you become an expert on the recipe.


Cake decorators also use commercial equipment, such as mixing machines and commercial ovens, however, if you do not have the money to invest in such equipment, just begin small and accept orders which your kitchen can handle. Other types of equipment used are those which deal with decorating. A lazy Susan, frosting tips, frosting bags, spatulas, and edible d├ęcor are needed for this type of position.


Before you start a cake decorating business, it is important to research the field and find the current trends in decorating. Cake decorating tends to be like the fashion industry. People want what is new and exciting.'


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