How to Start

How to Start a Dog Breeding Business

A dog breeding business is a business solely for dog lovers. An individual who does not have a tender heart for the furry creatures may not take care of the dogs as well as someone who does. If you have good intentions and adore a specific breed of dogs, then you should try to become a dog breeder. Beginning a dog breeding business can multiply your cash with each litter.

The Basics

The first decision you should make is whether to breed males, females, or both. You can breed only male dogs, or sires and you won’t have to contend with the expenses from caring for the mothers or babies. If you decide to breed them together then you will avoid the need for monitoring heat cycles or paying for semen shipping.

Home Preparation

Prepare your home for the animals. It is necessary to make sure you have properly prepared your yard with fencing or cages. If you will breed indoors, then you will need to prepare the inside of your home for the dogs. Female dogs require more preparing then males. For the female, you should arrange an area for nursing mothers to care for her puppies.


Before buying the breed of dog you want, read everything you can about that specific dog. You can buy books, trade magazines, read websites, and talk to other breed owners. You need to become familiar with your dog’s breed standard. You should determine the characteristics, size and energy level of the dog you wish to breed. It might be helpful to attend some dog shows, so you can really study the dog which you want to breed.

Buying Stock

Go buy your breeding stock. You don’t have to buy so many. You can begin your business with using two dogs. If you purchase older dogs, which have won competitions, then it would be wise to check on the dogs required health tests.


If you have fallen in love with a specific breed of dog, then you can become a dog breeder. With strong arms and a tender heart, you can bring joy into the world by breeding a bundle of love.

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