How to Start a Dog Walking Business in your Neighborhood

A dog walking business allows individuals to offer their services to assists pet owners who are not able to walk their dog. Pet owners have to deal with conflicting schedules. They get stuck at work and need to let their untrained puppy out of the house.

They go out of town on business and need someone to feed, water, and walk their pet. When owners hire a dog walker they get a sense of security of knowing their pet receives the same love and attention they give their pet. You can earn money as a dog walker when you open a dog walking business.

Study the breeds

As an owner of a dog walking business, it is imperative to know the breeds you will be working with. Different breeds of dogs have different temperaments, behaviors, and needs. To become a successful dog walker, consider studying the breeds of dogs you may be working with. This will help you in strengthening your caretaker skills.

Visit the library and read about the care of dogs. Volunteer at animal rescues to receive training on how to handle pets with patience.


Talk to the owner of the dog you will be walking. Being an owner of a dog walking business means that you need information about the dog. How does the owner discipline the dog? Ask questions about what behaviors they discourage. Ask how they reward and discipline their animal.

Where does the owner prefer the dog to be walked? Learn the area you will be walking in. Study a map of your city and mark the area you will be walking. If walking in a park, carry pooper scooper bags to clean up after the dogs.

Being the owner of a dog walking business means you will need to be responsible for the pet. It is important for the pet you receive emergency contact information. You will need the owner’s cell phone number and veterinarian phone number. If the pet is given medications on a daily basis, be sure to get a list of that information in case of an emergency.'


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