How to Start a Doggie Daycare Business

Doggie daycares are professionals who save the dog owners from the anxiety of dealing with an animal kennel. Opening a doggie daycare business has great benefits such as no overheads and you need no money to set up this business. The only cost you may need to incur is for advertising. Moreover, you can also enjoy flexible hours.

On the flipside, if a doggie daycare business is to succeed, you must endure long hours and hard work, even working holidays. But not always as the love earned from caring for the dogs of others will help you overcomes these obstacles with time. Providing doggie daycare services helps pet owners in getting peace of mind. They should feel and that their pets receive deserving attention.

Breed knowledge

You need to be well informed about the different types of dog breeds since every different breed of dogs has a specific behavior personality. Some dogs are quick-tempered and docile while other dogs are very playful and energetic. Identifying the difference between the breeds will help you in knowing how to treat the dogs that have been left by their owners in your daycare.

There are several good ways to attain knowledge. You may visit the local library and read about the caring of dogs or become a volunteer at animal rescues to receive training on how to handle pets with patience. Learn as much as possible about animal behavior.

Gain experience

Experience is key to success in this business. You should give the experience a strong consideration before opening your doggie daycare business. If the potential business owners are lacking in experience, they should increase it and gain more knowledge about how to care for pets by volunteering at local animal shelters or kennels. By doing this experience can be gained for the daycare owner’s references.

Volunteering can also come with perks. It can help a potential daycare owner gain a greater understanding of activities which will keep the pets happy and exercised.

Equipment you Need

Doggie daycare service providers need certain equipment to make the dogs feel more comfortable at daycare. Purchase a new multiple dog leash which will help in walking more than one dog. Dog runs will help keep certain dogs away from other dogs. Doggie toys will keep the dogs busy and away from chewing up the furniture. Portable doggie kennels will help to let the dogs know when it is time to rest.'


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