How to Start a Home Party Business

Do you love people? Do you have a product that you swear by, and that you tell your friends about? Have you developed or created a product that people love and friends want to give as gifts?

Then perhaps you should start a home party business. The concept is a proven business model, and for those who have a good product and are committed to their business plan, a home party business can be profitable.

Target Customers

To have a successful home party business, you must see beyond your own friends and family members as potential customers. You must network and market your business. A legitimate and reputable home party business headquarter will make marketing resources available to their consultants.

If you have created a product or service of your own that you are selling, then you will have to market your home party business as you would any other business.

Websites, business cards, catalogs, samples, sales, and promotions will help get the word out.

With the growing popularity of social networking, the need to gather in someone’s home is not the only way to win new customers to your home party business. Many people will hold catalog parties online and will direct their friends, neighbors, co-workers, church, club, and family members to your website for their inquiries and purchases.

Many people still prefer getting together in a friend’s home for fellowship, refreshments, to meet new people, and sample your product. And while together, your job will be to let them know what makes your product or service special, and how it can improve the quality of their life. These new people are your clients. If your product is worthy, and you do your job well, their friends, neighbors, and relatives will be your clients as well.

Getting Started

To be successful, you will need to have good people skills, a professional appearance, and a product line that you truly believe in. You may be able to purchase a start up kit, which should include training manual, contact info, marketing materials, and samples. Some companies require you to purchase inventory up front and carry it with you.

Occasionally, a company requires you meet certain sales quotas as often as each quarter. Some less reputable companies will push you to sell the business model more often that the product. Beware of these pyramid schemes, and scams. Be sure to know the details of your home party business contract before you sign on the dotted line.


•    Set your own schedule
•    Meet new people
•    Earn products


•    You are paid on commission
•    May require sales quotas to stay enrolled
•    May require space for inventory'


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