How to Start

How to Start a Pet Sitting Business

It is very important to pet owners to make sure their pets are safe while the owners are gone. Pet sitting saves the owner the anxiety of dealing with an animal kennel. Beginning a pet sitting business has great advantages. A pet sitter has no overhead. You will need no money to start-up this business. The only cost you may have is for advertising. You will also enjoy flexible hours.

On the flipside, if a pet sitting business is to succeed pet sitters must endure long hours and hard work. You will also have to work holidays. But love for your work will help you overcome those obstacles.


Consider what experience you possess for the opening a pet sitting business. To increase your experience and gain more knowledge of how to care for pets, consider volunteering at animal shelters or kennels.

By doing this you not only gain experience for your résumé, but you can also see the amount of work required for keeping animals. Another great thing about volunteering is you can gain a greater understanding of activities which will keep the pets happy and exercised.

Decide what types of animals you want to work with. If you have experience with a certain type of animal or breed you may want to consider becoming a specialist who only sits with specific breeds. Do you want to work with just cats and dogs or just dogs? How about other animals like birds, rabbits, and fish? Make this decision before opening your pet sitting business.

Working Area

Decide the area you want to cover. Consider your gas allowance and do not take in too much territory. You also need to decide if you want to care for your client’s pets at your house or their homes.


You can turn your love for animals into an enjoyable job. If you don’t mind working holidays and odd hours you can put the minds of pet owners at ease. Owning a pet sitting business helps the pet owners by allowing them the peace of mind that their pet receives the attention they deserve.

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