How to Start a Scrapbooking Business

If you are looking for a business that makes you able to earn extra income and at the same time have fun, consider scrapbooking. Preserving photos in an archival safe album will allow clients to enjoy those memories for generations to come.

A scrapbooking business can be conducted in many ways. With the availability of affordable archival safe scrapbooking supplies, you are not limited to becoming a direct sales consultant who totes her inventory to home parties, demonstrates, and then sells her scrapbooking supplies. Although, this is still a viable and profitable option.

There is a growing market for consultants and artists who will create scrapbooks for others. Many people love the concept of keeping those precious photos preserved in a scrapbook that everyone enjoys looking at. But, they haven’t the time or the desire to create a scrapbook themselves. Your scrapbooking business can go to the rescue!

Since digital photos have started to replace printed photos, and you may want to start a digital scrapbooking business. By scanning, scraping, and sending your customers a custom digital scrapbook, you will be using your talent, helping others preserve their precious memories, and earn a lucrative income from the comfort of your own home computer.

Another avenue for your scrapbooking business is to become an online retailer of specialty scrapbooking supplies. This is a competitive arena, however, if you will take time to research what people are looking for and develop a niche market, this can be a profitable business.

You may want to conduct scrapbook workshops and teach classes. These can be quite profitable if you are able to schedule monthly sessions for several different groups of participants. Each month you can offer new techniques and demonstrate new products.

You may want to offer your services for birthday parties, where guests make a scrapbook page rather than throw water balloons or play pin the tail on the donkey. Family reunions and genealogy groups are also niches where your scrapbooking business may take off. All the different possibilities are exciting.

Pros and cons

The biggest benefit of a scrapbooking business is that you will be earning an income while doing something you love. You will be also helping others preserve their family history and choose from many niches and options.

The disadvantages of a scrapbooking business are that you will need space for tools, supplies, and to work on scrapbooks and there is fierce competition in the market. 

Identify your customers

Identifying your customers is the next important task. People to whom you will provide your services include all those who take photographs and who already own photographs constitute your potential customers. 

Getting started 

Your costs will majorly depend upon the kind of scrapbooking business you choose to start. Scrapbooking tools can be easily purchased, and pages need not be expensively crafted in order to create a lovely and archival safe scrapbook. Remember, the photos and the stories behind them are the real stars. Sometimes less is more.'


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