Requirements to Open a Shooting Range Business

A shooting range business makes money by allowing people to practice firearms at a specified time. If you are a retired military veteran who is looking for starting a business that best suits your experience, consider opening a shooting range business.


Register your shooting range business with the city authority. Look for the additional special permits and licenses for the use of air guns.

Next, you should find a place or room for equipment of the shooting gallery. A shooting gun business will be popular and profitable in places where a large number of people are concentrated; in parks, entertainment and shopping complexes, etc. You can place a shooting range in almost any room, without really straining about the decor and not spending on repairs. It will be enough only to provide a wall-capturing of the walls (so that there are no ricochets) and to hang the walls with a camouflage net. The minimum floor space is 40-50 square meters. This is, of course, about entertainment, not about a professional dash.

The main item of expenditure will be equipment, that is, weapons and targets. To begin with, it will be enough to have ten weapons (pistols, guns). Targets can be as simple as paper or moving. The cheapest option, of course, paper targets, but it should be understood that they will not be enough to attract visitors and maintain excitement. The more interesting and colorful the targets are, the longer the client will want to spend your time and the more he will leave you money.

If you plan to open a small shooting range, one instructor will be quite enough to serve it.

Startup expenses

Here is a list of things where your expenses will go in order to setup a shooting range business.

  • Room rental – ($150-300 per month) 
  • Weapon – ($500-1000) 
  • Targets – ($50-100) 
  • Instructor’s salary – ($60-120 per month) 
  • Prizes, repairs weapons and other expenses ($30-40 monthly)'


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