How to Start a Successful Handyman Business

A handyman business is a great business to begin because the start-up costs are low if you already own the equipment and in part because repairs on houses are continual. Many realtors own rental property. Unfortunately, renters have the reputation of destroying rental housing. Realtors then need to find someone to repair the property at a reasonable cost. You can begin a handyman business and repair the properties of real estate agents.

Skill Assessment

Before beginning a handyman business, it is important to assess your repairing skills. Do you already have the basic skills of carpentry and house painting? With beginning a handyman business, consider sharpening your skills by enrolling in workshops or a community college. Know your skills and offer these as services to realtors.

Know Your Realtors Needs

Most realtors who own rental property will basically need the same tasks performed. First, they will need someone who is willing to haul the junk out of the house. Renters may have abandoned the house and left their belongings.

Sometimes this involves trash removal, sanitizing, and removal of furniture. Second, repair obvious defects. This can be repaired dealing with windows, sheetrock, doors, floors, and cabinets. Third, the most rental property needs to be repainted. Interior and exterior walls need a fresh coat of paint.

Equipment Needed

Repairmen need various types of equipment. The basic tools which are carpentry tools such as a hammer, nails, and screwdrivers will be needed. Specialty tools such as different types of saws, folding saw horses, electric cords, and electric drills will also be helpful. Owning a truck with compartments to house the tools with a lock on each compartment will assist in discouraging others from stealing your tools.

In Conclusion

Realtors are need of their rental property repaired after renters have moved out. The home may need all sorts of repairs from painting to re-flooring. You can open a handyman business by becoming a repairman to the realtor.'


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