How to Start a Tile Installation Business

A tile is one of the most important materials that characterize a beautiful home. A tile installer is a person who has mastered the art of installing tiles of various types such as ceramic, quarry, porcelain, quartz, etc on floors, walls and even on towers of a building. Anyone who can kneel and bend for long hours can comfortably do a tile-laying job. 


Learn all necessary skills that are demanded by the tile installation job through seeking enrolment in a local training institute that offers relevant training course or taking on an apprenticeship with an experienced tiles sitter. Don’t quit learning until you don’t become a full-fledged tile sitter by yourself.

Do not put a business plan out of your mind. Because no matter how efficient you or your resources are, without a plan, achieving what you want to would be extremely hard for you. Chances are that your business might even end up as a failure in the absence of a business plan.

Before your business gets registered, make sure you settle for a legal business structure, whether you want a partnership with someone like a friend, relative, etc or you just want to keep it limited to yourself only – sole ownership.

Give an impressive name to your business while getting it registered with the city authority. By an impressive name what I mean is that a name that will make a permanent space in the minds of your clients.

Though operations of a tiles installation business are manageable from a home, however, if you would like to avoid the interference of your family members especially kids ( if you are a happily married man ), then you may go for an office space rental.

Buy tools like a spreader, level, goggles, sponge, rubber grout float, etc. In addition, get a motorcycle arranged as a means for reaching your customer’s place along with these tools.

Build a marketable portfolio, in other words, that sells itself rather needing the push. Find and ask contractors to give their mail ids. Create and send them flyers because these people prove very useful in building a client base.

Rais Dar

A passionate business person who takes pride in sharing knowledge with those who need it.

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