How to Open a Used Tire Shop

There is no denying in the fact that most drivers buy new tires with a view to enjoy benefits like longevity, better road grip, better performance. However, many with an intention to save money, prefer buying used tires, and they could become your customers as well if you open your own used tire shop business.

More profits could run into your pocket if you can offer tire repair services in addition to selling used tires provided you have tire repairing skills.

You don’t need a educational degress and high startup costs. Overhead expenses are low, and returns on your small investment are also reasonable. You can handle all affairs of used tire shop on your own.


To get started with a used tire shop, you will need to have good inspection skills for checking, and verifiying that the tires you are supposed to buy from sellers are of good quality.

Analyze the local competition from all angles so that you find and benefit from their weakness and keep yourself updated about their moves.

A business plan so that you head towards the right direction and keep yourself prepared for future tasks.

Obtain a license from local government authority if necessary at your place. Rent a store with sufficient space for parking vehicles.

Compile required startup costs that go for shop rent, the supply of used tires and tools and equipment for mounting, de-mounting, removing and installing tires.

Deliver good customer service so that a good word of mouth passes on in the market. Inform your friends and relatives as well. Not necessary to advertise through a newspaper or local cable channel as advised by other online resources.'


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