How to Start a Window Installation Business

You know hardly would be any homeowner out there who wouldn’t want to get rid of torn windows and doors. Because when you leave torn windows as they are, you are actually pushing yourself towards the risk of paying the heavy price in future and at the same time you certainly aren’t allowing your home to give a charming look.

While a specific qualification isn’t specified, however some experience in carpentry can offer a significant help in starting and running a profitable and successful window replacement business.

1. Visit and meet the personnel who are authorised to issue the business licence and other permits (if any). Seek the help of a person who has an influence over them to avoid going through tussle that starters usually face.

2. Purchase a van which is suitable for transporting tools and materials when you agree to visit the home of your client or customer. Get your business information decoratively written on it.

3. Research window suppliers particularly those with high market reputation. Check to see if they sell a number of window replacements like as double pane, vinyl, wood clad, aluminium clad etc and accordingly document them in your portfolio so that you can show them to prospective customers.

4. Prepare promotional materials such as brochures, door hangers and yard signs to get the message seen by your target customers.

5. Don’t neglect to create a website for your business. Publish testimonials from your satisfied customers on it to help you in building confidence in the minds of customer’s about your offer. In addition to testimonial, add an “About Me” page to brief about your background, service level agreement with customers etc'


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