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How to Start Food Import / Export Business in India

Researching your market is of foremost importance, given the great extent of an average import/export business in India. Being highly diverse, India provides you with a lot of variety in food item you can import or export. In the case of Export, research the market and regulations in the country you wish to export to. Learn all about them before you jump in.

The market of the Import/Export business in India is nothing new. But, as the culture and people’s wants change, so should your strategy. You will want to find your Niche. What’s the unique thing that You will offer. Once you have decided on what your target market is, you can move onto the actual setting up of your food import/export business in India.

Starting a food import/export business in India may not be the easiest of things, considering India’s legal complexities. Getting all the proper permits and licenses could be time-consuming and overwhelming. You will be better off consulting an Expert on this, who can guide you through the application process of all required licenses and permits. Contact FSSAI Consultant to solve all your queries relating proper food licenses and the food safety standards you need to follow.

If your product is non-standard, something unlisted with the FSSAI, it is mandatory for you to obtain the FSSAI Product Approval before proceeding. For any help with FSSAI Product Approval for your product. You can fill out the form to the right, or contact us by email or phone. We will guide you through the full process.

Having an online presence for your import/export business in India is not something that you can ignore. Get a Website made that catalogs exactly what you trade. Make sure all your contact info is given on the website. Have Facebook, Twitter accounts. Update them regularly and keep in touch with your customer’s grievances. Have a LinkedIn account, too, and be connected with your potential customers.

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