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How to Write a Banking Resume

None of the establishments, organisations, sectors, enterprises, institutes or industries can run smoothly without the banking sector as banking sector is the heart of everything. The banks not only keep the money that is deposited safely but also pay interest on the money of the customers, sectors, establishments or organisations. They also give loans at a very low interest rate to the customers when they are in a financial crisis.

In order to increase the cash reserve of the bank, the bank at times launch many different types of attractive as well as profitable schemes in order to motivate the customers so that they deposit money in the bank. The job of the employees of banks have become very challenging in the recent times as every bank want to draw customers to their bank and have them open an account with them.

The staff of the bank consists of managers, clerks and cashiers who are required to perform various functions.

While writing the resume for the post in a bank it should be kept in mind that all bank related key- words like Security balance in De mat account, Cheque’s status, De-register from mobile banking, Insurance, Insolvency, Procurement and budgeting should be in highlighted form. While putting down all the details about oneself in paper it is necessary to write the name in bold letters along with the address and telephone number and Email id.

The post that the candidate is applying for should be clearly mentioned and the candidate should have experience of the work for which he is applying for. While mentioning about the professional profile the candidate is required to give all the details about the work he has done and the capability to tackle all the bank related work.

When citing about the qualification its essential to mention about the general qualification the candidate may have like Graduation or Post graduation and also the name of the high school an school and the year of passing out .

While writing about the professional qualification the candidate is required to mention about the degree or certification course that he / she has done and give a detailed account about the course as well as the year when done and when it got completed.

While giving professional experience details it is best to talk about which bank the candidate is working presently and for how long he has been attached to the bank. Here it’s worthwhile to mention about all the institutions the candidate has worked for and the number of years he has given to each institution.

While writing about the skills it would be very helpful if the candidate mentions about his other skills like typing speed, capability of speaking and communicating in many different languages etc apart from his qualification.

Lastly under banking ,resumes for the posts of Manager Investment, Assistant Branch Manager , Direct Banking Sales Representative , Vault Teller , ATM Operations Manager, and ATM Manager Services & Operations are some that can be applied for.

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