Indra Nooyi Biography

Born on 28/11/1955 in Chennai, India Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi is the CEO and Chairman of PepsiCo which is the leader in food and beverages in the world. She is the 4th out of 50 most influential Business Women of the World. She is the President and CFO of Pepsi and the highest ranked Indian woman in American business Industry.

She did her MBA from I.I.M, Kolkata and before leaving for US worked in India for 2years. She came to US to get her masters in public and private management from Yale Som. After her graduation she worked for Boston Consultancy Group after that was chosen as the Vice President of Motorola.

In 1994 she joined PepsiCo thus this was a bench mark year for her after which there was no turning back. She is one who can be said to be responsible for the company’s achievements and success. She was also the main person who helped merge Pepsi with Quaker Oats and start the fast food chains .

Indra assigns the reasons of her success to her dedication, good people who work for her , her enthusiasm and her family background. Indra says a company who has tough completion from its rival everyday always remains on top as without competition a company degenerates.

In order to keep the company on top and maintain its standard the best of employees are required and this is what PepsiCo has. Her family consists of two daughters and husband. She also plays electric guitar as a recreation at times. She is a proud Indian who believes that to be on top requires a lot of handwork and dedication which is not easy.'


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