Unheard Story of an Aspiring Kashmiri Entrepreneur

My name is Rashid and I hail from district Kulgam, Jammu, and Kashmir. Even though i tried not just once but several times to express my voice on valley’s leading newspaper ( Greater Kashmir ) but i wasn’t lucky enough to get a positive response from its editorial staff. However, I think my unheard story needs national attention and that is why i have decided to publish it on Help for Startup.

Lack of timely financial support from an institution like DIC ( district industries centers ) is one of the main factors that shatters the dream of starting a business for most Kashmiri youth. I personally have experienced that there is no support when aspiring entrepreneurs of Kashmir need it. Let me briefly outline how i was treated by District Industries Center of Kulgam:

1. When did it start?

It was January 2015 when i approached to District Industries Kulgam with the hope to get funds for my auto repair workshop. I got in touch with the manager ( ill than illiterate ) and asked him about the procedure and time for getting the required amount of capital. He told me to get a form for Rs. 500 ( could have bought a mobile battery ) from his assistant and fill it properly. I did exactly what he instructed me to do and then told come after one month.

2. What did he say after one month?

When i went to him after one month, he handed over registration certificate to me. I felt extremely happy and at the same time asked him sir – when would i now expect funds?. Instead of answering my question, he said you can go to your home and give a call to me after 15 days. I said OK sir ( normally we Kashmiri do it right ). I gave him a call after 15 days and asked him the same question – when will i get my funds sir? He said i will let you know after one month. I got shocked and angry as well.

I said what is wrong that you are unable to process my case and do you know what he said to me ” bacha April 1st tak wait kar “. I said sir i will wait only provided you do something ( Bharosa uth Gaya tha ) for my case. He in reply said ” Bakhuda ” will get your case revolved till that date.

On promised date ( April 1st, 2015 ) i left towards the center with the expectation that my case would be ready. However, when i reached there, i couldn’t find him there. I was informed that the same manager ( creepy creature ) got transferred to Ganderbal district. I called him and to my shock, his phone came switch off. I probed out new manager and asked him about my file. He said we are yet to receive funds from center and then i left to home with hopelessness.

What i want to say to all those Kashmiri youth who want to start a business is that never ever expect good from these corrupt officers. I believe i am not the only one who had to suffer, there are thousands who went through the same situation and continue to face such behavior.

It is time that we all youth of Kashmir get together and raise our voice against such ethically dead people. Share my story as much as possible so that a lifelong lesson could be taught to them – Itihaad mein takat hai. I have now decided to approach JKEDI ( seems a better option than District Industries ) and hope they help me out. Thank you..

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