Visa’s Everywhere Initiative: Kenya’s Mookh Africa Bags Visa Prize

Mookh Africa, a Kenya based technology startup, was declared as the winner of Sub-Saharan Africa Everywhere Initiative challenge by the global payments technology giant Visa, Inc.

The Kenyan startup not only won  “Social Business Payments” contest but also grabbed the US $50,000 as a prize.

Mookh emerged victorious after beating eleven finalists that were selected out of 238 total submissions.

Mookh Africa has created a social e-commerce platform that allows people living in Kenya to buy and sell anything they want on the most popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Mookh was founded on Aug 26, 2015, by Eric Thimba who currently serves as CEO of the company.

Eric Thimba, founder and CEO of Mookh Africa, said that taking home $50 000 isn’t as exciting as partnering with Visa. The prize will surely help our company operate for a longer period of time but a partnership with Visa will aid our platform to grow further easily not only in Kenya but across the whole African continent.

Visa’s Everywhere Initiative is nothing but a global innovative contest that seeks the participation of startups for resolving payments and commerce challenges.

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