Lord Swaraj Paul Biography

Lord Swaraj Paul is a great business tycoon from Jalandhar, Punjab. He was born in nineteen thirty one. He was trained in business by his father from a very tender age and thus found an UK based steel and engineering group which was a multinational company by the name of Caparo.

Swaraj got his early education from Punjab University and got his degree in Mechanical Engineering from M.I.T. which is in US, He came back to India in 1953 and associated himself with Apeejay Surrendra Group, which was a company whose founder was his father and which he turned into a company that dealt with diverse projects.

In 1966, Swaraj left for England for the treatment of his 2 year old daughter who suffered from blood cancer, but unfortunately could not save her. His daughter’s death devastated him and thus he drowned himself in work to forget and thus started his business in Britain.

SWaraj Paul started to buy and sell steel and also got NGT which was a tube unit which was small. The NGT later became one among the foremost producers of welded pipe that was spiral and steel tube that was welded. As time went by he purchased more units dealing with steel thus was able to found the Caparo Group of Companies in 1978.

The Queen of Britain knighted him in 1978 and thus made him member of House of Lords and he also came to be known as Lord Swaraj Paul of Marylebone.

Lord SWaraj Paul has received many honors internationally. The biography of Smt. Indira Gandhi was written by him for which he was given the PAdma Bhusan in 1983. Swaraj has left his business to his 3 sons. Swaraj is a very humble and modest man, though he is counted among the wealthiest man of United Kingdom. His belief is that money should be earned to help the needy.

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