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Nursing Resume Sample

Although nursing is a part of the Health services it is different in terms of the responsibilities that need to be handled. Responsibilities, like doing the initial remedial-checkup, research, tests and writing a prescription in order to diagnose any disease, is the responsibility of an experienced doctor or medical officer. Nursing is a service that is offered by the young girls to the patients who are recovering from any disease and are in a hospital bed. They are trained to give injections, take care of wounds with affection.

There are many designations that come under the nursing services which are namely Nurse, Charge nurse, Registered Staff Nurse, Operating Room Registered nurse, Clinical Nurse, Oncology Registered nurse, Relief Charge nurse, Cardiac Care unit nurse, and Coronary Care Unit nurse. Thus in order to step into the field of nursing, a candidate needs to have devotion towards serving people

All the details like the name, address, telephone number or mobile number, as well as the email address, should be written in a plain white paper in bold letters. Along with all the information the objective behind applying for the job and the desire to give the best by taking up responsibilities should also be mentioned. The post for which the candidate is applying for should also be mentioned. A brief account of all the experiences that the candidate has got while he/she worked for the hospital or health center also needs to be mentioned to put more weight into the candidature

Under the Personal details, the candidate is required to write about himself and his personality highlighting on all the good qualities that he possesses. The candidate needs to write in detail about his capability in handling and serving patients efficiently. He should also not forget to mention about any award or any sort of recognition that he has got from Health Organizations or Health department for his service to mankind.

When writing about his qualification the candidate needs to mention everything about the general education that he has taken like Post Graduation, Graduation and High School etc. He should not forget to write about from which Institute he has taken the degree as well as the year in which he completed it.

If the candidate has already served as a nurse or is presently working as one in any Hospital or Health center, then complete information needs to be given as to the duties that have been performed by the candidate in the health organization.

If the candidate has done any professional courses so that he can excel in the field of nursing services also needs to be mentioned. Along with this name of the Institute, the year when completed also needs to be mentioned.

When mentioning about the Professional experiences that he has, the candidate needs to point out all the experiences that he had gained earlier when he served the Hospitals or Health centers. The candidate also needs to mention the responsibilities that he took care of while doing the job in the health organization.

If the candidate has any knowledge of software technical field or computers he is required to mention it clearly.

Apart from all the above mentioned points if the candidate has any other additional skills which may prove beneficial when applying for a job also needs to be written down.

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