How to Start an Ostrich Farm

Ostrich farming at the first glance might seem to you a business that is not profitable and has no future prospect, but that is isn’t the case. There are many countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa where ostriches have long been bred by people. An ostrich farm business can prove quite profitable provided your place has easy availability of cheap electricity, water, and most importantly feed.

Ostriches are quite unpretentious birds and can adapt to absolutely any conditions of existence. Even the harsh winters are not so terrible to ostriches. The advantage is their simplicity to food, as well as resistance to various infections.

The most important thing in ostrich farming is that it is virtually a waste-free business. Meat, skin, feathers, fat, and even ostrich eyelashes are in huge demand. Having received offspring, you can quite profitably sell the chicks to other farms. 

Already owning a farm will benefit you as the construction demands significant material costs. Please keep in your mind that an area where ostriches will live should be dry and, as sunny as possible.

The 5-6 months old ostrich chicks should be procured. It is also necessary that you purchase special incubators for raising your hatched chicks.

Cost Analysis

Here is our cost analysis of starting an ostrich farming business. Documentation costs could be somewhere between $100-$300. Farm rent maybe around $300. Equipment can be $800. Staff salary is between $300 – $600. Advertising expenditure – $150-$250. Expenditure for chicks might be from $800 -1500 and for the feed, you may be required $150-$300. The total amount of investment averages from $2000-$10000.

Revenue potential

The revenue potential of an ostrich farm depends on the number of sales you are able to make, but on an average, your monthly income can be between $1500 -$3000 and the net profits you could make sums about $800-$1600. The time period for your returns on investment generally ranges from three to six months.'


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