The Top 10 Best Outdoor Business ideas

Opening an outdoor business is a perfect fit for someone who enjoys doing open-air activities. If you are an outdoor type of person who would want to own outdoor related business, here are the best 10 business opportunities for you.

1. CCTV installation

The rate of violent crimes including murder, stabbings, theft etc is on the rise everywhere in the world. While it is not good for societies we live in, individuals with skills to mount CCTV cameras have great opportunity to mint out the money from both residential and commercial markets while launching a CCTV installation services business because no one wants to risk his property, life, inventory, and other commercial assets.

2. City courier service

The city life is busier than a village life, meaning hardly anyone who lives in a city has time for delivering parcels on their own. Hence, providing courier service within your city is another great idea to embrace for outdoor-minded persons.

3. Driving school

Neither do people have the energy to walk on foot nor do they want to get late when reaching office or attending a special event and we know for these reasons public transport has declined in use over time and has resulted in the growing demand for cars.

There are many out there especially those who don’t have access to someone who can teach them driving want to get enrolled in driving schools. With this in mind, you can open a driving school to facilitate driving training to your local people provided you have the skills of safe driving.

4. Mobile facial spa

Women always want to get facial in order to look younger and beautiful in front of other people. While sitting at home females would have no problem at all in visiting facial spas, there are others especially working women who want such service to be rendered at their homes or offices. A person well trained in beauty and cosmetology may hence open a mobile facial spa business.

5. Landscape designer

Landscaping involves giving an aesthetic look to a piece of land by laying sod, planting trees, flowers, and shrubs for homeowners and businesses. If you have a talent for design and you enjoy working outdoors you may want to become a landscape designer. You can sell your plans to the do-it-yourself homeowner, or contract out the physical work of creating what you have designed. To market your services, you can place a sign at the job with your business name and phone number while you are working on the site, and for one week after the work is completed.

6. Lawncare business

People require lawn maintenance on a regular basis in order to keep their lawns look beautiful all the time. A lawn care service business involves cutting and edging grass, aeration, etc. You can offer to mow and edging once a week, and fertilizing once a month. Weeding the flowerbeds could make you more income.

7. Installing ponds and waterfalls

You could network with landscapers so that they could show their clients your work, and you give them a commission for every pond or waterfall sale they refer to you.

8. Building fences or decks

Have a portfolio of all the fence and deck styles you build. Install a small plate with your name and phone number onto the outside corner of the fence for referrals. You could also place a small business sign in the client’s yard for referrals.

9. Build sheds and playhouses

Build one for display at a model home or a home show. Or raffle one off at a public place that will allow lots of people to view your work. Other streams of income could include building indoor playhouses for children’s bedrooms or selling playhouse plans to do-it-yourselfers.

10. Planting gardens

Market your services to people that don’t have time to plant their own garden, but still want to grow fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. You could specialize in gardening in small spaces, using the layering technique which is also called lasagna gardening.'


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