Go Green By Starting a Paper Cup Making Business

If you are an eco-minded person, and always think of helping your envrionment, one of the ways is owing a green related business such as paper cup making business.

The world of demand for paper cups has changed, in fact grown several times, ever since many countries decided to prohibit the manufacturing, and use of plastic based products. Paper cups since then have found way into coffee shops, weddings, travel, and even accompany travellers.

A paper cup manufacturing business entails using of manpower, raw material, process, and machinery to make paper cups for various clients. There are numerous advantages to starting a paper cup making business. A few of them includes growing market demand, low startup costs and overheads, government support, no special qualifications, a very less number of labour, and infrastuture.

Learn manufacturing process

The manufacturing process of paper cups constitutes a systematic sequence of various tasks. First, a paper roll is transfromed into a recangular shaped paper reels. The paper reels are printed, and converted into perfectly measured side wall blanks.

The blanks are then inserted into cup forming machine that wraps up the blank into a cup shape. A paper bottom, prepared from a separate paper paper coil, is attached to the cup. The cup is then made liquid proof by heating its seams, and finally the cuprum is trimmed to form a disposable cup ready for use.

Land requirements

You will be required a land spanning for no less than 500 square meters for constructing an establishment that would contain your paper cup machine, and raw material. The land should be in well connected with roads, so that proper transporting of raw material and finished products is done. Plant construction should be done after keeping in view the space of machine dimensions, raw material and labour work.

Startup costs required

Generally, you will require somewhere around $ 12000 for purchasing a paper cup making machine and raw material. Around $2000 will go for your working capital including your space rent, electricity bills, labour wages, and other utilities. They could be other expenses involved, so count them as well. The total investment inclusive of machines, working capital could probably sum up to $15000.

Labour requirements

You need from 2-4 people for performing the entire paper cup production process. A good advice will be hiring best people who can ensure efficiency as well as good production. Pay them salaries on time, and furthermore provide them incenstives with time in order to keep their hearts willing to work with you. The final thing to consider is planning some budget for running an ad in your local mostly read newspaper or mostly watched local cable channel for at least a month to ensure delivery of message about your business to the potential customers.



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