Does Peet’s Coffee Franchise?

Does Peet’s Coffee franchise? How much cost does it involve to open a Peet’s Coffee franchise? Let’s today reveal the answers to these essential questions in this post.

1. What is Peet’s Coffee?

Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Inc. is a popular coffee retailer headquartered in San Francisco Bay Area. Established by a Dutch-American businessman Alfred Peet in 1966 at Berkeley, California, Peet’s Coffee enjoys huge patronising across the United States.

Products that Peet’s retails includes fresh roasted beans, brewed coffee, espresso beverages and bottled cold brew. Keeping in view its popularity, Peet’s coffee is sold in more than 14,000 convenient stores throughout the United States.

2. Does Peet’s Coffee franchise?

Peet’s company at the present moment isn’t involved in franchising. That means, those of you who desire to open a Peet’s Coffee franchise can’t unfortunately have one currently. Thanks.

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