Pollo Tropical Franchise Cost and fees

If you want to open a Pollo Tropical franchise at your locality, then find here the cost, fee and other requirements to get started.

While as Pollo Tropical restaurant serves a number of regional food items such as Mojo Roast Pork, corn casserole, beans, and plantains, it is much popular for offering marinated and open flame grilled chicken throughout the world.

Let’s move forward to educate ourselves about the historical background, franchise opportunities, franchise cost and fees and other requirements that are mandatory for you:

1. Historical overview

Pollo Tropical restaurant established by Larry and Stuart Harris in 1988 in Miami, Florida specializes in the making and serving of Caribbean styled cuisines. However, it is most popular for offering open flame grilled chicken. Pollo tropical in order to expand just after 3 years of its inception adopted and followed the franchising model.

2. Does Pollo Tropical provide franchise opportunities in the United States?

The restaurant chain like Dave and Buster’s isn’t actually franchising in the United States, hence, making the aspirants living in the country unable to open a Pollo Tropical franchise. However, it is worth telling or in other words, a piece of good news for aspiring people residing in other countries can opt for a Pollo Tropical franchise in their localities.

In addition to the requirement that you should be living outside the United States of America, Pollo Tropical considers those aspirants who are able to meet the following criteria:

1. 5 years of experience in restaurant management

Interested candidates should not be having less than five years of experience in restaurant management otherwise they won’t be considered by the company.

2. Experienced in marketing

Besides the requirements that we have mentioned above, that is living other than the United States and five years experience in restaurant management, aspiring candidates also need to have attained sufficient marketing and advertising related experience.

3. Total net worth required

Well, the final requirement in addition to restaurant management and marketing experience, candidates got to have between $5 million and $1.5 million minimum liquidity. Then only they would be given the right to use the trademark and products of Pollo Tropical restaurant.

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