Privacy Policy

The Startup Beginners team completely understand the privacy policy of our users and take responsibility to preserve it in all means. Our principles concerned about the privacy policy of our users include:

Log files information

Just like other websites, we too collect as well as use the information such as your IP address, ISP address, browsers(your browsing behavior), your page views etc contained in the log files

Personal information

Your personal information will never be shared with anyone except to comply with legal formalities


We do not store any information of yours in our servers


As like other sites, we too use cookies to collect, identify and track preferences and behavior of yours. In case you do not want to receive our cookies, then kindly put your browser in refuse cookies mode before landing on our site.


We also are allowing third party advertisers(Google Ad-sense) to display their ads on in order to facilitate financial support to this very site as well to pay salaries to  our employees.

Please keep a note that third party advertisers(Google ADSENSE) use cookies  to serve ads based on a your prior visits. Third party advertisers use cookies to collect your IP address, ISP, Browser and Browsing behavior in order to show you relevant ads on this site.

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