The 6 Profitable Real Estate Business ideas

The ever rising needs for land, residential & office spaces, condominiums, warehouses, etc gives us an indication that the real estate market is expanding more than ever in India. Thus luckiest are those who have excellent presentable attitude, good marketing skills, and capable of nuturing customer relations since they are at advanatge of starting a real estate business.

If you are one of them, here are 6 best and top profitable real estate business ideas brought exclusively by us for you.

1. Apartment locator

Renters, especially people who are new to a particular city, often confront difficulties while searching for apartments that can meet their living standards. To help these renters who may be students, labor, working professionals, etc find ideal apartments, an apartment locator comes into play. He connects them with the right apartment owners for free. However, he derives fee from the owners of the apartments for supplying them referrals.

2. Architecture

No constructional work from a one-story building to even a skyscraper is possible without the influence of architectures. Architectures have been in the past, are in present and will be badly required in the future for planning and designing buildings. Having said that, one who has done graduation in the bachelor of architecture (BOA) plus has good communication skills and a healthy intern experience can become an architect.

3. Apartment rental

The first thing all tenants give preference to when reaching a city for studies or work over a certain period of time is accommodation and for that, they approach a landlord who owns and runs an apartment. If you are one of those landlords who has a ready supply of rooms available for rent, apartment rental business is a must to do business for you. Don’t forget to use apartment locators and featuring your property on online portals.

4. HAVC contractor

This type of business is the least expensive option in the real estate field. HAVC contractor gets called when, mostly during hot summers, residential and commercial customers require the installation and repairing of heating and cooling systems.

5. Commercial space rental

Renting office spaces is the utmost priority for startups that are forming on a constant basis in various fields and for established corporations that plan for expansion at new locations. Hence, you might want to give a thought to opening a commercial rental space business that will be serving workspace seeking business organizations.

6. Construction cleaner 

Wherever buildings are demolished or where dwellings are to be erected or where newly constructed buildings have to be prepared for occupancy, there is a need for someone who can take away the accumulated debris from the place. That someone could possibly be you.'


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