Top 10 Profitable Recycling Business ideas

There is so much potential profit to be made in the recycling trade because it is desperatly needed by societies. In this era of scarce resources, recycling allows you make money, and at the same time help your society. The recycling industry is perfectly positioned to launch creative entrepreneurs into massive riches.

Here are the 10 profitable recycling business ideas for you. 

1. Paper recycling

The recycled paper is often made into the same grade of paper that it was originally. Production costs involved in paper recycling is 40% less than the original paper. That simply means you can not only yield high profits in a paper recycling business but also will be part of the conservation of trees harvested for fresh paper.

2. Appliances recycling

Today, you can not envisage of any home in any corner of the world in which appliances like blenders, dishwashers, washing machines etc are not used by the families. When these home appliances reach the stage of non-usability, people naturally put them up for disposal and that is when money can be made by processing them for recycling.

3. Aluminum recycling

Energy conservation is one of the several objectives of a recycling program. Recycled aluminum can save a lot of energy, around 95%. An important thing to be noted here is that unlike other forms of waste, aluminum metal is 100 percent recyclable.

Entrepreneurs don’t necessarily have to open a recycling plant. They can generate good profits just by collecting discarded aluminum that includes cans, foils, baking trays etc from shops, construction sites etc and then selling at a market price to recycling firms.

4. Auto parts recycling

Automobiles parts especially those which can’t be further used for repair purpose can be sold for a good amount to recycling plants. You will be buying old and used automobiles from people, dismantling them in your yard and culling out parts like used tires, oil filters, batteries etc.

5. Copper recycling 

Copper, unlike other metals, does not lose much monetary value. Even after years of time, discarded copper is worth nearly 90% of the cost of freshly made copper. Collect copper materials like wires, electric motors, pots, door nobs etc in your own home and in the homes of your community and later sell to dealers.

6. Computer Recycling 

There are many useful components such as CD drives, processors, hard disks etc you can remove out from discarded computers with simple hand tools and then sell them to computer repair technicians or you can even sell them online.

7. Cartridge Recycling

You can also offer inkjet and toner refilling services to printing shops, companies etc and make your cash. However, you need to have good know-how about replenishing the ink into the cartridge, some basic tools, and a vehicle.

8. Electronics Recycling

Electronics recycling is the most profitably rewarding choice for aspiring entrepreneurs these days and even will be in the future. After all, these materials(mobile phones, computers, laptops) fill every single space whether in our homes, offices, factories etc and day by day their volume is continuously increasing.

9. Diaper Recycling 

If you think diapers that we and you throw away carelessly can’t be used again, you are wrong. In fact, these diapers can be washed and cleaned and later reused. Therefore, if you do not mind cleaning these dirty nappies, then you might consider offering diaper cleaning services to your local parents.

10. Construction Waste Recycling

Embrace the construction waste recycling business to collect and resell the leftover materials such as scraps, hardwood, waste metals etc.'


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